Defective second hand car, can i get the full refund from car dealer?

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asked on Feb 7, 2022 at 18:30
Hi all,

i have bought a second hand car worth RM 100k+ on 2020. Upon receiving the car, i found the car's engine is seriously defective, and have repair for several times and the cost for repairing is very high. My friend helped me to check the my car previous insurance record and found that the car had been involved in serious car accident for more than 3 times and i was not been informed by the car dealer before i purchased the car.

I have told the car dealer regarding the problems of the car, but they refuse to refund to me the amount of the car and only offer to assist in selling the car out in a much lower price for me. 

May i know what action shoud i take to recover my loss? 

Thank you.
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answered on Feb 7, 2022 at 20:07

What is caveat emptor?

Caveat emptor is a neo-Latin word meaning "let the buyer be vigilant." This is a contract law concept in many jurisdictions that positions the buyer's duty to perform due diligence before making a transaction. The concept is widely used in real estate transactions but refers to other products and services as well.
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