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by   Lewis95
Hi everyone, my cousin was facing a problem that he was issued notice to remove his awning build at the back if his house by the state authority. The notice required him to remove the awning in 14 days, if he failed to do so, he will be sued and fined by court according to section 70 (13) Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974. The complain was made by his neighbour. 

The story is actually he builded that awning to block his neighbour (beside his house) from the illegal survelliant by fixing cctv straight pointing to my cousin’s house months ago. My cousin and his family felt uncomfortable and has made police report over this matter but my cousin had informed the police to not proceed with investigation because he doesn’t want to involve in any lawsuit or to hurt any party. Further, my cousin also has replied the notice issued by the state authority and attached togethr with the police report to the state authority as explaination regarding the reason he builded the awning and he was ignorant as he was not being informed by anyone that he needs to apply permit for building awning. He thought he has the permit already because he had applied years ago when renovating his house.  

my cousin was also told by the state authority officer that he couldn’t apply permit now for the awning because he was currently being complained by the neighbour for building it illegally.

My cousin wants to remain the awning and he is willing to apply permit now or do anything to maintain it as a barrier to protect him and his family from being surveillance. 

May i know is there any action can be taken by my cousing to maintain the awning? If in the event that he has to remove the awning and being compound for it by the state authority, can he challenge the state authority’s direction/decision in court? Hope to get advice from you guys. 

P/s: any suggestion for him for what to do now to avoid being fine or compound and able to maintain his awning. 

Thanks in advance.
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answered on Apr 30, 2022 at 10:11
When you are awning it is good to say excuse me or put your hand on your mouth. Otherwise it is bad manners.
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answered on Apr 30, 2022 at 16:22
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by   jeff005
@ Armanda

Many thanks for awning or yawning explanation.

It is not that we forumers here do not know how to answer the above Query.

It is a total waste of time when the Questioner do not know about Building Codes and Bylaws. Any explanations have have to go back to basics of Buildings.

The issue in hand can be equated to the term "Cantilevers".
How to explain when people here do not know what are the different types of wind load uplifts on cantilevers extension to main building structures?

There is a 14 days to remove the temporary structure which does not conformed to the minumum requirements /safety standards. There is sure to be an overbuild which can a danger to neighbors as well as passing by pedestrians or vehicles. It is equally obnoxious of people to find ways to cheat our Authorities via this legal forum, never to take into acct the dangers of overloaded cantilevers.

Just remove it and there are no penalty at all.
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