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asked on Oct 17, 2021 at 15:00
Sekiranya seseorang itu telah difailkan notis bankrapsi dan diikuti petisyen pemiutang serta pengulungan syarikat oleh KWSP, tetapi penghutang & pemiutang telah membuat persetujuan penyelesaian yang telah diubah berberapa kali sepanjang waktu pandemik, namun sudah ada tarikh baru mahkamah untuk bicara permohonan bankrapsi(final date). Penghutang menjalankan perniagaan pendidikan yang memang sangat terkesan akibat pandemik, boleh penghutang terus ke mahkamah untuk memohon rayuan terus penangguhan daripada penolong pendaftar? Rayuan kepada KWSP telah dibuat, namun diminta penghutang membayar satu amoun yang besar dalam jangkawaktu 7 hari untuk menarikbalik tindakan bankrapsi atau ia diteruskan.
Mohon pencerahan.
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answered on Oct 17, 2021 at 15:34
Would you be able to write in simple English for me to understand?

diikuti petisyen pemiutang serta pengulungan syarikat oleh KWSP

What reflects "pengulungan"?

There are two petitioners? or the petitioner is KWSP?
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answered on Oct 27, 2021 at 20:08
@ Tanavaroot

In simple manglish

This is a case whereby an employer who has deducted employee's share of EPF contributions from the employee's wages but have failed to bank it into EPF (KWSP).

This case should have been ongoing for a period of time whereby one voluntary settlement have been seek for by the debtor (operator of the business).

This is the very final stage and final hearing date. There has been appeals made before but the debtor could not fulfill the commitments.

The failure of remitting EPF (employee's share) may not be due to the current pandemic. It could have had happened long before that.

The purpose of KWSP (EPF) to bankrupt the debtor (business operator) can be mainly due to the fact that the debtor have more than RM100,000 (threshold of bankruptcy amount) in his/her EPF acct.

When KWSP is the POD creditor, it means that the debtor's EPF acct will be under lockdown. In the event of reaching 55 yrs old, any EPF personal withdrawal, will have to first settle the EPF "bankruptcy" first of all.

This has nothing to do with EPF actually, what is owed are actually employees' moneys. It actually means that EPF is acting /representing on behalf of a group of ex-employees.

rayuan terus penangguhan daripada penolong pendaftar?
It has been stated as "final date". The Court will have to announce its verdict (Judgement).

Footnote : 
There have been at least 2 cases regarding EPF bankruptcy, discussed in this forum 6 yrs ago. Usually there is a personal bankruptcy (other creditor/s) and a parallel EPF bankruptcy. This is what is meant by a double bankruptcy in Insolvency for the same period of bankruptcy.
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