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asked on Aug 30, 2021 at 08:22
Hi, I'm a Malaysian holding 2 existing housing loans with PBB n HLBB. Recently, I am considering giving up my MY citizenship. what will happen to my 2 housing loans after I give up my MY citizenship (but I will continue paying the loans)? 
1. Immediately after I renounce my citizenship, it will trigger the local bank to close my accounts and nothing I can do to service the monthly instalment?
2. the reason I said that I will continue paying the loan is that I do not know if the bank will shut my bank account. After I renounce my citizenship, I will still continue paying the loan as I will transfer money into my account in MY to pay the loan ( like what I am doing now). 
3. In so far as the loan covenants, I do not know if I breach any of the clauses in the Loan Agreement that I have signed.   I need the members here to help.  
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