AIGON (Agent FIRSTHIT SOLUTIONS)...Going AllOut & Steamy on Decade Old SCB Debts (Bought-Over)...NEED ADVISE !!!

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asked on Jun 24, 2021 at 01:20
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Hi Lawyerment Community,

I had read other posts pertaining to AIQON in this forum extensively, before deciding to make this post of mine for sharing and advise seeking purpose. I see my case as a typical variation from other who had posted before.

My first contact with AIQON came early this month, through their appointed agent (FIRSTHIT SOLUTIONS). After multiple telephone conversations I managed to extract documents detailing the ‘Debts Bought-Over’ and SOAs (on my request) for all my SCB accounts, through email. Excerpt from a letter received:-

“We would like to inform you that Aiqon Direct Sdn Bhd (Co No. 915610-P) ("Aiqon Direct") has purchased your Credit card / Quick Cash / Debt Relief Program account from Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad (“SCBMB”). Pursuant to a vesting order dated 25 February 2011 granted by the High Court of Malaya in Originating Summons No.D-24NCC-45- 2011, your Credit card / Quick Cash / Debt Relief Program account and all SCBMB’s rights, benefits and interest under your Credit card / Quick Cash / Debt Relief Program account has been transferred to and vested in Aiqon Direct as of 2 March 2011.”

Great !!!

Before continuing, I must inform that I am sharing my case here on facts and not assumptions. Except when I am requesting for advise, certain past event with incomplete documents (best logical time frame will be provided to my best knowledge and records)…And I am NO A DEBT EVADER.

Lets begin. 4x accounts (1xCC, 2xBTs ,1xPL) with total outstanding in excess of Rm50k as of May-2021, principal sum in excess of Rm10k as of Aug-2008. As how the SOAs detailed, no further payment (credit) or usage (debit), except for all the interests and LPC from Aug-2008 to May-2021 !!!...Note: The statements do not show any last payment record as well.

All accounts inception dates between 2005-2007, they’re 40%-50% paid up before my default identified from SOAs (Aug-2008). My financial predicaments started in late 2008 due to failed business venture and financial mismanagement. Some important facts that I had compiled and provided as follows:-

1)  From emailed documents - All letters from AIQON were addressed to an office address which I am no longer attached to for more than a decade. While all correspondences with FHS letterhead were addressed to my home as per my NRIC. My NRIC address never changed since my first registration and still my official mailing address (even as an alternative, my grow up place).

2) I never received any correspondence from SCB or AIQON for the past 10 years or more, and not even a call, until recently from FHS.

3) The last known legal action from SCB, was summons (multiple summons for different accounts) through their appointed solicitors between 2009-?, based on old my diary record. Nothing ever since.

4) I had over the years fully settled my debts with 5-6 other banks through negotiated repayments plan and even lumpsum payments, and the latest in April-2021 with Discharge Letter received. From other posts, my best guess on since long and how soon SCB/AIQON will get to me.

5) My biggest curiosity…why the effective date of AIQON takeover (March-2011), legal action by SCB (2009-?), my SOAs details, and AIQON recent contact varies so much, even by 10 years ???

All said, I seek forumers here to share their view and possible advise on how to approach my current situation, long term wise.

a)  To ignore this soon to be 13-14 years old debt (which a semi-legal friend opined isn’t recoverable by SCB/AIQON) as their legal recourse already expired/exhausted ???...Nevertheless, I will get to settle my debts when I am financially capable, as with all other banks before this, just matter if I can live that long to get it done.

b)  Make some reservation, as AIQON entitlement still has legal bearings. Meantime, trying hard to get back to life, prioritize on more pressing matters (eg. livelihood, and in case the last one bank left who has not sold their debt will come after me).

c) Rush to AIQON and beg for mercy…They basically issued me a dead warrant or bounty sort of, I already on their butcher block (bankruptcy queue list).

Other than the above, here are a few direct questions to those in the legal field and familiar with their applications:-

A) How is LA 1953 (Revision 1981) applied in my case with SCB/AIQON ?

B) What will be the possible implication on my case with AIQON if the current bankruptcy threshold revised after 31-Aug-2021 ?

C) If you were not TLDR to follow up to this point, was it even LEGAL for SCB to charge all my accounts for 13 YEARS worth of interests and LPC before selling the debt to AIQON !??...Or did I missed something while reading other posts on SCB-AIQON deal ?

Not denying fault and oversight from my end, the initial amount (principal, B/F balance from SCB) as of Aug-2008 looks meagre compared to a few lumpsum settlements I afforded to 2-3 banks that time. Of course, with my financial awareness, I will try to find solution to highest interest bearing loans (eg. credit cards) with the lowest outstanding amount, to start with. Communication breakdown between myself and SCB for over a decade leads to this stupid AIQON now !!!

Not denying my debts, but never in my mind for 10+ years I am still owing SCB, unpaid !!!!

Some chronology of events between 2008-2021, if ever matters :-

2008-2010…personal financial crisis started, 2-3 lumpsum settlements for credit cards, through disposal of valuables.

2011-2013…keep a low financial profile, engage in contractual jobs, some partimings to recuperate financially.

2014-2017…engaged 3 banks with outstandings, managed to get reasonable repayment plans with 2 of the banks, and committed monthly payments.

(2012-late)…I was forced out of my residence, due to mishandling while moving out my personal belongings, the baggage containing IMPORTANT PAPERS (including legal documents) was lost in transit…it took me a full year to get reissuance from relevant bodies/authorities, but the bank/legal cases documents recovery were not attempted until later years.

(2012-2015)…I make trips to BNM (Insolvency-CCRIS Report), Mahkamah Ampang (legal cases extraction), and subsequently to AKPK for possible Debts Consolidation with all banks in Malaysia.

Outcome Legal Cases Extraction:…3 noticeable JIDs for fully settled debts or under monthly payments, there isn’t any case with SCB, unless the clerk missed out.

Outcome AKPK:…Through my actual counselling session after 3 weeks from introduction session, the Counsellor opined it is NOT WISE to engage their program while I have running negotiated monthly payment plans with 2 banks (as this will agitate them to void discounts and levy higher interest, make sense to me). But I am always welcome to revisit AKPK program the day I paid off the 2 banks.

Outcome CTOS/CCRIS:…No particular mentions directed to specific bank, except being tagged SA Account, with 1x written off debts (HP/PF), and few TRs. Last dated Apr-2016 Full CTOS Report (purchased) and 3/6 monthly monitoring from Free Report ever since – NO ACTIVE LEGAL CASES.

2018-2021…full settlement  with 1x bank after final installment, while the other renegotiated with discounted lumpsum settlement because of frequent lapses in payment (with borrowings help), this last bank only issued me the Discharge Letter in Apr-2021 after years of disputes.

2021…AIQON !!!...The Godly One that doesn’t fall under BNM jurisdiction and never need to oblige to AKPK recommendation ???

Lastly, with fainting hope, I need to navigate my last mile of financial escapee with extreme caution after AIQON comes into play. Or it will ruin all my past efforts for 10+ years. I am not so concern of being blacklisted and deny any financial services for the rest of my life, but anything beyond that will be detrimental to my close and beloved ones.

At full blown C-19 pandemic and cycles of MCO/EMCO/FMCO, I lost 70% of my monthly income for the past 18 months. Now living on Rm350-Rm450 monthly allowance, with half subsidised accommodation by employer and a free meal daily, with no promised they are sustainable if situation does not improve soon. I managed small goods trading online to supplement slightly and it won’t help much either.

My last telephone conversation with FHS, the caller is proposing payment Rm150/month directly into each of my SCB accounts until full settlement, to avoid legal action…I made it clear in reply, “NO, I NEVER AGREED ON ANY DEAL BETWEEN SCB-AIQON. I PREFER TO DEAL DIRECT WITH SCB, OR ATLEAST GIVE A TRY EVEN IF IT IS STATUE BARRED”.

Hope my lengthy writings will enlighten readers with recent encounters with AIQON/FHS. And with luck to pull some wisdom from other mindful forumers and among the more experienced Lawyerment Community.

Thank you for reading up to this point. Wishing all betterment in live and not falling into financial pithole like myself.

Sorry for poor editing and typing errors, if any.
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answered on Jun 26, 2021 at 01:07
edited Jun 26, 2021 at 01:42
@ Tanavaroot

Thank you for your contribution to my post.

For the Q :, I am mostly on GC for more precise search results without much customization. ME if I am on works matter (Bing search results, s****). Non FF user. Also, it highly depends which of my antique devices still working properly and/or supported at the time (eg. my working keyboard, [L-Shift] broken, and need harder press on [Q]. I even use older IE once, when all not responding.

It is relatively easy to ‘get to’ Lawyerment and start the journey with basic understanding of URLs, Bookmarks and little drilling into ‘More Results’. Especially with 2 big names as keywords search, to start with.

Coming to Big “Why” ??

Personally, I don’t feel my post to be a topic of interest afterall. And some may find it as a one-sided story telling. Also, scepticism and privacy generally discourage social media sharing by users, in particular on this type of subject.

Secondly, the masses may be time separated, from the date of the VxO (in 2011), it tooks the great IQ’ good 10 years to reach out to me. Who knows since when the Sharks were let lose and how many victims been eaten…Don’t ask me about the time frame to enforce anything Judge ordered, I have no idea and NOTALOYAH !??

Thirdly, as the named parties described, “As-It-Be” and “I-Am-Bad”, clearly the latter has much far reaching and impetuous on the masses.

Lastly…more than likely, I am grouped in those few handpicked, sinful, and lucky ones. Meaning, a minority that don’t deserves anything ???

Again, thank you for your input into this thread.
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answered on Jun 26, 2021 at 14:24
edited Jun 26, 2021 at 14:26
by   jeff005

 I don’t feel my post to be a topic of interest afterall
If it isn't, why did I write and explain so much.
The docs from that dickyheadsharkfirs'hit, I have already found 5 legal mistakes which can easily set aside any lawsuit arising from dhsfs'hit.
Your docs diffs slightly from @josh and @remymikael.
I had the liberty to learn more as you guys have trusted me and send PDFs of the actual docs with your actual names. This gives me the honour to indugle deeply into your respective cases and offer workable solutions to the very best of my knowledge (non-legal).
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answered on Jun 26, 2021 at 17:42
@ jeff005
For you it can be true, but wny are you still thinking of settling the expired debt? Do your homework properly and you may find that this debt need not be paid. It is the bank's own fault for not suing you within 6 years of 1st default

Contingency…I make contingency for a scenario with more than ONE possible outcome. By nature of works, I deal with contingencies and possibilities, also applying it in personal life when comes to $$$$$...I don’t deal with probabilities/chances, I am not a gambit and risk-adverse type.

Thus, I rarely start a conversation with “Assuming” or “On Assumption”.

Also, always in my mind to settle my dues before I visit the afterlife if I am capable. If failed, atleast with records of it to receive my Final Judgement.

Thank you for ultimately answered my main concern – I should IGNORE and DENY any claim from those accounts, as of now. Future leave future talk.
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answered on Jun 26, 2021 at 17:52

Anyone has their latest visit to Mahkamah Ampang (Pandan Indah)
Just wonder if can minimise travels to get things done 

Court Visits
There is no choice for you except to be physically there to check if they have been lawsuits on you before and the current status (including divorce). You have to present your MyKAD.

If there were cases which you are not aware of, you will have to register and buy one "online ticket" for extractions of docs in the comforts of your house using "e-Filing" Apps.

If there are no outstanding cases, then go home and wait for your online eCCRIS results (takes about 10 days).

Take Note :
Your cases can be between hardcopy filings and e-Filing of which some old cases not on the current systems. The same problem happened to @remymikael too.

Do take note that any blacklistings from banks will not appear after 7 years unless there is periodic "updating" from the banks to BNM.

If you find any blacklisting inside by entities unknown to you, they could be from BCs as well as common ones now is BDBs (based on the Vesting Order).

For exact procedures on e-Filing docs extraction, there are two senior forumer who have written about it based on their personal experience.

1. @harapan besar (5-6 months ago)

2.@kiki (8 months ago)

Use the GG function inside this webpage to find their posts.

Godluck & Godspeed...
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answered on Jun 26, 2021 at 18:00
edited Jun 26, 2021 at 18:22
@ jeff005
Thank you for time and contribution to my post. My gratitude for sharing your wise opinions and shedding lights to areas I am doubtful that lead to my 1st post here.

Through my extensive readings on Lawyerment, I am confident to share some private information with you – because I know you are a person that will read line by line, and ready to offer genuine help.

No news on MCO status, planning to visit the courts office as soon as coming Tuesday. Meantime, not much I can update here.

Though I will summarize findings as below, based on all threads up to this post (solely from my own interpretation, for my own case):-
1)   Claim Documents from Great I’Q’ and a FishHead – Discrepancies (mainly on $$$$$ and time essence)…Non-disclosure of facts (…self hara-kiri)
2)   LA (Amendmend 2018) – The extension of 3 years Limitation Period (negligence) doesn’t apply in my case…Great I’Q’ is known acting DC for “As-It-Be” when my accounts 1st Defaulted or within time frame of VxO (as I read it).
3)   Bankruptcy threshold of 50k will never be breached, no matter which method of computation I simulated using financial tools based on LA and possible JD at different time frame, except for the worst of the worst scenario.
4)   JD issued before this date, and its awarded sum will be the last piece of puzzle to my solution…But, I believe JD sum is contestable, I never made admittance either by court attendance, in writing, payment, or even been contacted or had made contact with claimant(s) for past 10 years.
5)   All the above taken, even I have not read the nitty-gritty parts of the said VxO or any agreement.
Extra Notes to Main Post :-

The selling of BDs to private corporation known as NOT UNCOMMON (Yes!). Though they are not new, and can be dated back to late 1990 and early 2000…G”IQ” acquisition of BDs through tender, well publicised.

Who knows, “As-It-May-Be” had sold ‘part’ of their CC portfolio to “E” entity via some sellback/buyback agreement. If invoking sources separation scheme, who knows, another ‘part’ of the portfolio of same accounts was later sold to C”IQ”…Who knows, who knows – Just My Fairy Tale !

2022-2023 will hold the answers.
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answered on Jun 26, 2021 at 18:25
edited Jun 26, 2021 at 19:33
by   jeff005

If invoking sources separation scheme, who knows, another ‘part’ of the portfolio of same accounts was later sold to C”IQ”…Who knows, who knows – Just My Fairy Tale !
The first person to put it in Public.
It is not Fairy tale, believe me, my Godmother de Moon Fairies told me months ago. I cannot bring this "issue" out in public as it is very subjective and have no concrete evidence. My hands are tied down as one of the many Authors in this Forum. (i,m no:10)

That is why any docs from DCs or BDBs, I read and reread 10x over and over again. Find & Use their faults to attack them backwards in the event of any lawsuits initiated against my fellow forumers.

Use Laws of the Jungle to fight their Laws of Oppression and Slavery to the debtors. Once a debtor respond to the DCs, ask for discounts, paid one instalment, they (DCs) have an iron clad hand grip on the debtor's bowling balls.
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answered on Jun 27, 2021 at 13:25
edited Jun 27, 2021 at 13:37
by   Tanavaroot

Many thks for sharing


If you come to BKK, look up for me, we shall go for BKK famous ThaiTomyam /Curry SharkFishHead located at the Riverfront @Asiatique Bangkok. BBQ croc meat also available there.

After that we shall adjourn elsewhere for more pedas steamy dessert.. okay?
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answered on Jun 28, 2021 at 00:13
edited Jun 28, 2021 at 01:27
Just some humour, on a dull weekend.

Below are extracts (poorly translated, reconstructed into simple Q&A) between 3 old friends some years ago, while they’re near a padi field, mildly intoxicated…I ASSUMED NO RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILTY if you’re SO-NO intelligent (naive) to believe it, LITERALLY !!!

MI: Ai liten nius Olfren Ben ken sel deadz, izit tlu ???
HI: I can sell my no-dead old kerbau, if there is a buyer, get a live young one.
MI: Ai oso hire mani komplen, Ben can spit n sel ahhh1-deadz…kaun mani daimz ?
HI: I am willing to chop my no-dead old kerbau 2-pieces, ANYTIME, if there are 2-buyers willing to SHARE A PRICE, first to get the right knife for precision cut…what age are you living in, Dude, you still thinking sell whole kerbau tarik ke rumah ?...sell 2 times count 2 times, my wife (late Mdm.Aloyah) taught me…[light weeping…]
MI: Soli Bruh…mi stil LuKia, u I-Pon oledi…..Hei, 12 kenduli kawin #2 ujong yeah…Ai wan hap fom ekor yor kerbau ken, botong sel mi laaa ?
‘U’: Hoi !!! tak boleh tu, punggung aku ‘Chup Dulu !’ last meeting, tak ingat ?…haus warning bulan se-belas…Bang, angkat kepala aje.
MI: Alaaaa, ai kenduli kawin ni, lu haus whinning oni maaa, tek kipala simpan bikin dekor dindin legi cun…ai kenduli gerenti jimput, x-chen camne ?...OKI-OKI…
HI: Okay, confirmed sell kerbau now, 2 of you got bring money ?...Joking only, old friends, ‘Chups’ will do, I hold old kerbau but you 2 start feeding from tomorrow, end October I call butcher make ‘ah-lau’ a bit, don’t want to hear kerbau shrieks, $$$$$ I tell LATER, head or tail also you 2 decide THEN…Your big parties must invite me to taste kerbau…DEAL !!!...drinks on me, fridge is filled.
‘U’/MI: …[?????]…
HI: …[?????]…[!!!!!]…you 2 said now got no money, kenA [ehmmm]-duri time still no $$$$$, I remove ‘Chups’…AGREEEEEEEE [ehhhemmnt] ???....
‘U’: Amacam tren ke fesyen ni dunia. wife dah member ‘LALapa VilLa’ last month, entah sejak bila tahun start member ‘Eh-Hon MAma’…amacam diskaun ada…SALE POTONG ada, POTONG SALE pun ada, aduhai……
MI: yelaa tu, Olfren Ben ngam nius hai-lat ‘deadz-ricon-kartun’, paham skit-kit, eshhh dajat cam mubi ‘Leziden Ehhh ?’…WHOOO-WHOOOO-WHOOOOO !!!
HI: Thinking of going for a haircut tomorrow, time to get my head-restructuring for better look…By the way, I am a permanent life member of ‘Matylaaa Club’, members will be kinda celebrities in coming years…I can be an inducer if you 2 want to join, FREE ADMISSION !!!...Last thing, one more word on Olfren Ben or Ben, party call off, leave my field !!!


From knowledgeable town folks:-

HI passed on of oldage during the year before any party can take place. HI only daughter who he exiled decades ago was duly informed but never return to witness his final journey. She returned once with husband and kids last year only to find a newly erected, rather small unmarked grave close to her Dad’s and Mom’s.

The daughter expects nothing from her late father (padi field abandon, awaiting new owner to take over, dilapidated house with no ownership). Not exactly, she admitted to ‘U’, “Ey” called to her atleast twice, with empathy and condolences, claiming to be an old associate of her late father. HI hold some form of ‘rights’ from an ‘agreement’ signed decades ago. The daughter only to visit Ey Main Office, get some papers done, pay a small processing fee and DUE(S), she can legally ‘inherit’ the ‘rights’. Thereafter, she can opt to transfer that ‘rights’ to another individual (sell…with a profit ???) at any time. ‘U’ having some knowledge of PAST dealings between late HI and Ey, primarily in ‘kicap’ and ‘ketchup’ businesses, advised the daughter to move on with life and forget the PAST !!!   

MI, underwent a facial surgery (failed), attended some speech correction courses (failed), and even learnt a few signs with hands…self-founded a club, posthumously ‘named’ HI an ‘Honourable’ Life Member (FREED FOR LIFE !!!).

Last seen the daughter leaving town and waiving with a smile .....“Goodbye…Keh Bou Ge !!!”
AUTHOR NOTES: No actual individual or entity was implicated in the above writings. All names are fictitious. No actual animal/livestock was harmed in anyway. All content purely fictional, some parts maybe drawn from actual life of a deceased not to be named here. READERS DISCRETION ADVISED.  
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answered on Jun 28, 2021 at 16:55
Short updates for thread.

About to make a move to Mahkamah Ampang this morning for legal cases extraction, but think it is better to make a call before that. At current state of MCO:-

-      The Court only operational from 9am-1pm daily.
-      Only Kes Jenayah will be processed.
-      Counter Services must call first (appt ???)
-      Clerk in charge of my purpose only available tomorrow.
-      Further advised not allowed to enter Court Building without valid business, Police will stop you.

Cancelled my trip, will try call again tomorrow.
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answered on Jun 30, 2021 at 13:27
Critical Update :

Breaking news (Oven HOT HOT) just minutes ago, on how to deal with DCs

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