Garnishee or bangrupsi akaun dibekukan

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asked on Apr 21, 2021 at 00:37
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by   Abiky
Bolehkah  Jika saya membuka untuk akaun gaji atas nama isteri dan saya (dua nama)adakah ganishee or bangrupsi boleh berlaku iaitu pembekuan akaun. Take u time for answer tq boh
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answered on Apr 21, 2021 at 09:46
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by   jeff005
@ Abiky

Read this thread for better understanding :

I have to break your Q into two parts

1.  Jika saya membuka untuk akaun gaji atas nama isteri dan saya (dua nama) adakah ganishee ?

By Akta Kerja, akaun gaji tidak bolih di garnished. Akantetapi, biasanya lawyers bolih guna jalan tikus untuk membuat garnishee order. Kamu bolih membuat secara rayuan dengan ade bukti untuk mengetepikan Perintah Garnishee.

2.  Jika saya membuka untuk akaun gaji atas nama isteri dan saya (dua nama) adakah bangrupsi boleh di bekukan?

Boleh ..
Tetapi bukan semua, jikalau isteri boleh provide evidence to JIM of her portion of bank-in to the account, a percentage can be refunded to her name, but it can take many many months. The account (joint) will sure to be closed by virtue of bkcy laws.

Example :
The joint husband and wife acct, is for the non-working wife for the purpose of family household expenses, if given evidence, JIM will not take ALL the moneys inside. This has to be declared in the S.O.A. (Statement Of Affairs) upon reporting in to JIM. The 6 months submission of the "Income & Expenditure" would determined how much a debtor would make towards the monthly targeted contributions by a bankrupt. (bayaran bankrupt bulanan kepada Insolvensi).

Bankruptcy is not to make the lives of family members miserable for any sole bread provider. Basic living expenses and education for the children (till 18 years old) is still top priorities for a bankrupt (husband or wife or both).

When a bankrupt have reported into JIM for the Case Management, JIM will issue a letter (with T&C)  to the bankrupt to open a banking account (single name) for the purpose of monthly wages bank-in. Do not use this akuan for any other purpose.

The same thing will have close all joint bank akuan with children over 18 years old. This is to prevent bankrupts from hiding moneys from creditors.

(tengok case tuan haji ah jib khor and puannya.. tau sama tau).
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