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asked on Apr 5, 2021 at 10:09
Hi..Im koki..I also got same problem like this I meet him in online and he talk very sweet firstly and then say he love me..i found my true love all .I really believe this all but everyday he talk sweetly and also suddenly he say he sent gift to me.I told him i dont want to but he say i sent you gift.I refuse him but he didnt hear lastlt i give him my address and all.He show video of the gift he sent me..I jusr thought its only some gift but when he say he got another suprise for me inside the parcel.I curious ask him .Then he say he put money in the parcel.I really shocked and ask him why would you do that.He say i just want help you make u happy..I say its really problem...He say no need worry everything ok.Then he say he sent parcel to courier service but he didbt even sent any tracking no.Anothw think he say you going usa for business for weeks thats why he urgently sent courier .Im also first didnt even think about anything.Im really stupid.But then i got watssup from the mail company they got my parcel and now they shipping it..The parcel will got on 18 mac..They also also didnt give any tracking no. im got some work problems here i didnt even bother about the details all After 3 days i got message from them they say my parcel shipped in malaysia and they wait for customs clerance and they say they ask contact their agent from malaysia.Aftet i received whatssup from malaysian nomber and tell his name john philips and he is from express transportation for deliver my courier.I ask him when i get the parcel and he say wait customs clearance after a few minutes he message me and say  this Dear customer we're done with the clerification,the only thing that is still keeping me here is the airport Anti-drug/terrorist, Custom Clearance and International Dilivering permit, which is not in place on the packages, one of the Airport Authority has advised that we get the dilivering tag so I can exit the airport immediately and make your dilivering successful to your house.we try reasoning with them, and they stated the dilivering tag would cost 
1,000 Malaysian Ringgit because it's many,I can't afford to spend much time here,you can direct the tag fee to them so we can successful diliver it to your house address.
Express transportation.
Im really shocked and scared because its mt first time i got someone sent parcel like this.I told him i dontknow about this and why would ask me to pay.They say because the parcel got my name and i immediate contact the petson who sent the parcel told him but he told he thought the parcel company he sent put proper document everything I ask him to contact them bur he say he going usa for meeting and after few weeks he come back he say solve this.But im really stressing about this and angry with him.He say you somehow find money and pay when i comeback canada from usa  i pay.i ask him sent money to me via western union but he say he go meeting to usa woth company think all.he cant sent mo ey from there and then he say he will sent money after i come from usa.i really got so much stress and i just scared about everything.I somehow findRM 1000 pay to him .only the agent contact ask me to pay amd he us the sent bank acc details to me.later i pay i sent receipt all wait for my parcel and then again he say message say this

Hello madam don't you know it's illegal to carry such amount of money without proper Legal documents

they're holding our agent for questioning

they're threatening to report this to relevant authority and they might sue you to court

they're demanding you pay a fee of extra 1,000 Malaysia ringgit
as penalty charges so they don't sue you for money laundering.
I told him its the sender sent the money not mynproblem but he say its your problem too because i he sent to you and also he scared me the authority will sue or take action all.I ask him to help me.He sat only i pay anothet +1000 only i can gey the parcel.I say i dont afford that much money and i ask him sent back the parcel to then sender but he say even he sent back i need to pay the 1000+500 for sending back.He say the authority hold the parcel and they asking for my address..The agent say they didnt give address to them and ask me to pay the money.i told him i dont have that much money he say if not he give my adddress to authority .I beg him give time like a week and he say he cant.I ask him its my first time help and he say he will talk to the authority help me but i need to pay double.i dont have choice i scared and i say ok.But i didnt get the money within week and again he message me say if didnt pay this time i will hand over your adress to authority and he say he risk his job.After that he say he got pay 300 ringgit for this parcel because of he help me.I cant affrod any money i ask him give another 6 days he say he cant and he say im playing him to didnt pay money I say hin if i play why would i pay the first money then he stay silent and ask me how much day i need I tell him 6 days .Its finish today and fee also thrible ready.RM 3000 need to pay.If not he say the authority going to arresst me really scared now...I dont know what to do..
I dont have any tracking details abouth the parcel.I only got one email say your parcel from whom to me..thats all but the fee threeble ready.The agent scared me now.Im really living  hell...
How could i solve this.Will they really arrest me?
The agent call me now to pay if not they handle my address to authority..
This is the agent no 
Express Transportation 
 Bank Details 
 Account name: Dav Kumar Yadav
Account Number: 162263624053
Bank name: maybank

Account  number :

Account  name : 

Bank name :
May  bank

Account Name: ZALEHA BINTI TENGAH, Account Number 13026020426348,  Bank Name: BANK ISLAM

Im really scared now i only got one hour to pay this.Is it true or not
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answered on Apr 5, 2021 at 10:45
Is this true or not?Can someone tellme!I didnt even have any details about this parcel only they say parcel got money held money authority..Today is last after this they take action.Im really scared because if someone i meet online i got this problem..can anyone tell me dud you got any problem like this?
I only know the sender Zhang wei from canada.The shipping details  tracking details anything i dont know.Im really scared now.I dont want to pay anything i dont afford that much money but the agent mesage me say the authority will arrest you.
This is my first time what i can do..please help anyone
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answered on Apr 5, 2021 at 10:51
edited Apr 5, 2021 at 10:55
by   jeff005

Do not pay anything even RM 1.. this is nothing but SCAMS... !!!

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answered on Apr 5, 2021 at 10:58
Im really scared now.I dont have any evidence that i got parcel but the sender say i sent but didnt give any proof and the courier company same too.Only the agent of transport express contact me and sent me bank details.The sender also say he got charge for money laudering.He say they charged him there usd5000.How could believe?They really scared me its my first time something like this happen..
Can i blocked them without knowing them pay the money but im scared they got my address come to house..
Need help
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answered on Apr 5, 2021 at 11:06
edited Apr 5, 2021 at 11:13
by   jeff005
@ Koggie

Please do the following :-

1. Bar all the above numbers  IMMEDIATELY ..!!!

2. All the characters above are fake people.

3. Your BF now =ex is a fake person.  < LOVE SCAM >

im scared they got my address come to house..
Nobody will go to your house.
You are just a kitty cat to them.
These types of people could 10,000 miles away.
They could even be from Congo, Greenland and even from Alaska..
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answered on Apr 5, 2021 at 11:17
 The agent call me use malaysia phone nomber how?
he even message me now to pay money.Can i block him..
This is his no:JOHN PHILIPS :01137484357
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answered on Apr 5, 2021 at 11:32
@ Kogie

just go to the nearest police station and make a report against all the number used to call you. that will solve the problem
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answered on Apr 5, 2021 at 11:40
edited Apr 5, 2021 at 11:43
by   jeff005

Can i block him?

Very simple.
Key this handphone (all the above names) number into your handphone "contacts lists". Block them via your handphone built-in apps.

Do it NOW.. !!
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answered on Apr 5, 2021 at 12:09
edited Apr 5, 2021 at 12:14
by   jeff005
Quote :
just go to the nearest police station and make a report against all the number used to call you. that will solve the problem

This would create even more problems without solid evidence.. !!
Most probably, the clerk would tell you that this is a scam call and to block all those numbers..!!

It is the very same thing i'm telling you now.. !!
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