Lawyer or Self Defense which is better option

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asked on Mar 23, 2021 at 16:04
Just wondering if we get sued by the creditors - whether is JD or BN or CP, which would be a better option. to self represent or to get a lawyer to act on our behalf to reply those affidavit and etc?

Because i have read in forums sometime the lawyers will screw up our case for us ? so is getting confusing .

Not that anyone have filed anything against me yet- but i am the type that like to be prepared for all eventualities or possibility 
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answered on Mar 23, 2021 at 17:11
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by   jeff005
Self Representing

One will have no choice but to self represent if cannot afford lawyers fees.

If one can afford lawyer fees, why not use it to pay your creditors?

One must file a notice of self representation before the hearing.

Self representing is not that difficult BUT not as easy as ABC.
Some knowledge of laws as well as Rules of Court 2012, must be attained before such attempts or else already lost even during the case management period.

I have to self represented in 2 HC lawsuits due to lack of funds for lawyer services.
I managed to whack 3 groups  of lawyers of whom I deemed as "under-experienced" and won my 2 cases.

But if i'm to face a highly qualified and experienced lawyer, chances is that I can be double whacked backwards and face the consequences of any injuries.

Just my personal opinions for the 3-4 court Authority / Ortori of case mentioned inside this forum the past few days, two are outdated and superseded by Higher Precedents of COA and Federal Judgements and is also out of context with the contents of the Tropic Tendered in this forum. Follow at your own perils if self representing.

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