Issues with My neighbors

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asked on Mar 1, 2021 at 20:06
I have an issue with  my neighbors. 
First offense  against me is constantly breaking  into my house while  no one  home. They have  the skill and knowledge on how  to open  lock, once in they do damage  bit by bit on many things. 
Second offense is hack into my phone, track my GPS and read my data that's useful to them. Through  my observation that's a lot of device used in order to obtain  what  they  look for. 
I am in vain to search for advice, if that's  better  tips please  write  to me.  Besides  that does a police  have the right  to issue a  search warrant base on the two  offense they have committed?
Thank you  for  anything and hope  to hear from you  soon. 
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