Dikejar debt collector untuk tuntutan hutang bagi pinjaman pada tahun 2006/2007 yang telah pun mencecah 200k++

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asked on Feb 20, 2021 at 13:33
Aslmkm / Salam sejahtera

Mohon nasihat dan pandangan dari pihak tuan.
Saya telah dihubungi oleh sebuah syarikat debt collector yang memaklumkan bahawa mereka ada maklumat hutang yang telah dijual kepada mereka oleh sebuah bank tempatan. Maklumat hutang tersebut adalah

- Hutang untuk 2 kad kredit untuk tahun 2006 dan 2007 dengan hutang terkumpul bagi kedua-dua CC tersebut sekarang adalah rm 170 K ++. Bayaran terakhir saya lakukan untuk kedua-dua kad ini adalah pada tahun 2008
- Hutang kereta waja (telah ditarik dan di lelong pada tahun 2007) yang sekarang berjumlah rm 40 k++

Jumlah hutang : rm 210k++

Status sekarang adalah debt collector ini kerap menghubungi saya di tempat kerja dan malah telah pun datang ke tempat kerja saya untuk berjumpa berkenaan hutang-hutang ini terutamanya jika saya tidak mengangkat panggilan mereka . Ini telah menyebabkan pekerja-pekerja lain di tempat kerja saya merungut berkenaan situasi ini. Saya telah pun menghubungi mereka memberitahu supaya jangan lagi menghubungi saya atau datang ke tempat kerja saya tetapi mereka juga memaklumkan bahawa saya pun perlu juga lakukan pembayaran tehadap hutang ini semua jika ingin isu ini diselesaikan. Saya kemudian mengarahkan mereka untuk menghantar ke email saya semua maklumat terperinci berkaitan hutang - hutang tersebut untuk tujuan rujukan saya sebelum saya membuat sebarang keputusan. Mohon nasihat pihak tuan berkenaan

1. Perlukah saya membayar hutang-hutang CC dan kereta ini semua  memandangkan ianya telah pun melebihi 6 tahun dari tahun terakhir saya lakukan pembayaran  berpandukan akta had masa 1953 ???
2. Bagaimanakah saya ingin memberhentikan terus debt collector sekarang daripada mengganggu saya atau mana-mana debt collector yang mungkin akan dilantik dimasa depan jika akaun hutang saya ini diambil alih oleh debt collector yang lain jika option saya adalah untuk tidak membayar hutang ini ???
3. Adakah tindakan saya untuk memaklumkan debt collector supaya tidak lagi mengganggu saya ditempat kerja dan mengarahkan maklumat hutang saya yang mereka ada untuk dihantar ke email saya bagi tujuan rujukan saya adalah satu tindakan yang betul dan sah? atau saya perlu ke pejabat mereka untuk mengambil notis bertulis berkenaan maklumat hutang tersebut???
4. Sekiranya saya tidak perlu bayar hutang tersebut dan tuntutan telah dibuat keatas saya dan  saya perlu hadir ke mahkamah, bagaimanakah ingin saya mebuktikan di mahkamah bahawa hutang - hutang saya ini semua saya tidak perlu dibayar berpandukan akta had masa 1953 tersebut.???

Terima kasih tuan untuk sebarang pencerahan yang diberikan
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answered on Jun 21, 2021 at 21:00

These 2 person also came during PKP and crossed district - as they were supposedly from another district (according to their namecards which are also very questionable). 

What is wrong if their company have MITI Travel Permit to cross district for work purposes? Who are you to take the roles of PDRM, MoH, MKN etc etc  If you personally felt that there were infringements of PKP 3.0 call to the nearest Polis Station.

MCO 3.0 is the best time to go searching for debts defaulters (esp at old registered address) as most would be at home. If the debtors is at work, the DCs will enquire on when the debtors can settle the debts. The common tagline used by them is "Ade hutang tak payah selesai ke"?
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answered on Jun 21, 2021 at 21:19

I have been advised by a friend to seek assistance from AKPK re debt payment

Personal comments (non intrusive).

1. This is the worst advise i have heard so far. AKPK will require 
a)  The debtor be in gainful employment (are you?)
b)  AKPK will accept the amount claimed by the DCs and restructure it according to your disposable current income.
c)  For your case 15 years ago at 30K, now should be around 350-400K (please forgive my poor maths). Read the start of this thread of which the time period is almost the same 15 years ago at "default date", the credit limit was 8K, now asking for 120K per card.. !! You even need BRP and is unemployed, can you afford the repayments thru AKPK DMP?

2. Bace ngan teliti this thread from page 1 till this page. It offers a possible solution to your predicament.

3. Read on what is "Vesting Order" too.

If you want further answers from me, please ask in this thread.
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answered on Jun 23, 2021 at 20:35
Public Sharing of current information

Sample of a Digital Certificate  for the COVID_19 Vaccinated citizens.

Hooray.. Maybe I can go over to visit my gfs' in Hatyai when Thailand open up their borders for tourism in 3 months time.
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answered on Jun 25, 2021 at 21:27
Q :  You use Google or Firefox?
Was it easy to find Lawyerment?

This new thread started less than 48 hours and already reaching100 views which is less than remarkable.

It appears that there are many regular "morning digital news readers" on this forum, but it is not reaching the 100s of thousands victim debtors just with Ambank Vesting Order only.

The big Question is "WHY" ??

While there are many readers, there is little done by loyal readers to pass on the important posts information to the masses.

What have readers go to do to help others who needs critical information on their debts issues?

Very easy..


Just  "SHARE"  (one time) and "VOTE" every time you read a good post.
The more shared and votes, Google will capture it and accord priority whenever similar topics / contents appear. More readers will be able to find the topic that they are interested in.

So, do your part to share it to many others "in need".
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answered on Jul 8, 2021 at 09:39
Am facing the same issue too now with Aiqon @remimikael
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answered on Jul 8, 2021 at 11:14
Hi @remymikael I added you as a friend. 
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answered on Jul 11, 2021 at 09:41
Hi chanz 

Sorry for my late reply.  If your issue is the same with mine then you need  to read and understand the discussions written in this thread. I am blessed to be advised by Mr Jeff after starting this thread and I hope this thread can be useful to you as well 

The current status of my situation now is that I've sent already my legal notification to Aiqon( in writing ) denying the debt and will contest any lawsuits. 
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answered on Sep 22, 2021 at 23:50

finally I have khatam this thread, phew!

do share with us your updates.
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answered on Oct 24, 2021 at 22:54
edited Oct 24, 2021 at 23:03
by   Tanavaroot
New updates of the Vesting Order Topic
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answered on Dec 8, 2021 at 12:46
edited Dec 8, 2021 at 13:15
by   jeff005
Update :

When being harassed by DCs and being pushed against the wall.....

This is what gonna happen..

(Sample and proof of a repot lodge with all personal data (if any) erased.
Posted with permission from the victim.)

Polis repot for criminal intimidation and harassment.

It would be also lodged to BNM, AmBank HQ, Association Of Bankers plus MCMC to bar all those numbers that have been used to call the debtor.

Nota :

Wow.. 219K.. go bankrupt this debtor la.. why disturb at workplace?

Owing moneys do not go to jail..

Being bankrupted do not go to jail..

Criminal intimidation and incessant harassment.. 
Do not stop at GO.. go straight into penjara..
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