Dikejar debt collector untuk tuntutan hutang bagi pinjaman pada tahun 2006/2007 yang telah pun mencecah 200k++

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asked on Feb 20, 2021 at 13:33
Aslmkm / Salam sejahtera

Mohon nasihat dan pandangan dari pihak tuan.
Saya telah dihubungi oleh sebuah syarikat debt collector yang memaklumkan bahawa mereka ada maklumat hutang yang telah dijual kepada mereka oleh sebuah bank tempatan. Maklumat hutang tersebut adalah

- Hutang untuk 2 kad kredit untuk tahun 2006 dan 2007 dengan hutang terkumpul bagi kedua-dua CC tersebut sekarang adalah rm 170 K ++. Bayaran terakhir saya lakukan untuk kedua-dua kad ini adalah pada tahun 2008
- Hutang kereta waja (telah ditarik dan di lelong pada tahun 2007) yang sekarang berjumlah rm 40 k++

Jumlah hutang : rm 210k++

Status sekarang adalah debt collector ini kerap menghubungi saya di tempat kerja dan malah telah pun datang ke tempat kerja saya untuk berjumpa berkenaan hutang-hutang ini terutamanya jika saya tidak mengangkat panggilan mereka . Ini telah menyebabkan pekerja-pekerja lain di tempat kerja saya merungut berkenaan situasi ini. Saya telah pun menghubungi mereka memberitahu supaya jangan lagi menghubungi saya atau datang ke tempat kerja saya tetapi mereka juga memaklumkan bahawa saya pun perlu juga lakukan pembayaran tehadap hutang ini semua jika ingin isu ini diselesaikan. Saya kemudian mengarahkan mereka untuk menghantar ke email saya semua maklumat terperinci berkaitan hutang - hutang tersebut untuk tujuan rujukan saya sebelum saya membuat sebarang keputusan. Mohon nasihat pihak tuan berkenaan

1. Perlukah saya membayar hutang-hutang CC dan kereta ini semua  memandangkan ianya telah pun melebihi 6 tahun dari tahun terakhir saya lakukan pembayaran  berpandukan akta had masa 1953 ???
2. Bagaimanakah saya ingin memberhentikan terus debt collector sekarang daripada mengganggu saya atau mana-mana debt collector yang mungkin akan dilantik dimasa depan jika akaun hutang saya ini diambil alih oleh debt collector yang lain jika option saya adalah untuk tidak membayar hutang ini ???
3. Adakah tindakan saya untuk memaklumkan debt collector supaya tidak lagi mengganggu saya ditempat kerja dan mengarahkan maklumat hutang saya yang mereka ada untuk dihantar ke email saya bagi tujuan rujukan saya adalah satu tindakan yang betul dan sah? atau saya perlu ke pejabat mereka untuk mengambil notis bertulis berkenaan maklumat hutang tersebut???
4. Sekiranya saya tidak perlu bayar hutang tersebut dan tuntutan telah dibuat keatas saya dan  saya perlu hadir ke mahkamah, bagaimanakah ingin saya mebuktikan di mahkamah bahawa hutang - hutang saya ini semua saya tidak perlu dibayar berpandukan akta had masa 1953 tersebut.???

Terima kasih tuan untuk sebarang pencerahan yang diberikan
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answered on Mar 21, 2021 at 10:31
@ Vince Sum

Isu saya dengan pihak AIQON berkenaan hutang lapuk (bad debts) tersebut adalah ianya  telah di jualkan kepada mereka melalui “Vesting Order”. Penjualan ini ada sah dalam bidang komersial kerana ianya adalah perintah dari Mahkamah Tinggi.

Tiada ada cara lain untuk melupuskan hutang ini kecuali  dengan tindakan saman  di Mahkamah yang diambil oleh AIQON. Kamu boleh mengunakan Had Masa 1953 atau Had Masa 2018, untuk mencacatkan tindakan saman AIQON tersebut (jika ada).

Kamu mesti memberi pesanan berpandukan nasihat  yang diberikan oleh para former di muka 11 didalam webpage ini.

Jika kamu tidak ada kontrak dengan AIQON maka tindakan saman (JD atau Notis Kebankapan) tidak boleh di keluarkan atau boleh di cacat jika dileluarkan.

Masaalanya adalah kamu mesti ada alamat yang sah yang dimaklumkan kepada kreditor untuk tujuan menerima saman - saman tersebut

Akan tetapi, BC dari AIQON sudah mempunyai alamat emak anda. Gunakanlah alamat itu tujuan merima saman saman tersebut.
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answered on Mar 21, 2021 at 20:46
edited Oct 21, 2022 at 21:14
@ remymikael

For the past 5 years, Bill Collectors (BCs) under the disguise of Questioners have often posted remarks to scare debtor (in this forum) , such as :

BCs calling me several times a day
BCs calling me during Office Hours
BCs came to my Ofis
BCs waiting for me outside my house.
My mother / father received a WSS notice and many calls daily
BCs threaten to issue WSS my house plus “beku” my bank account


With the emergence of Vesting Orders, a resurgence of scare tactics is used such as :

Ask for discount and pay some moneys to them to stop any lawsuits (Judgement Debt / Bankruptcy Notice)

Ask for a schedule of discounted repayments by instalments

States that The Limitation Act starts from the day the debt is sold by the banks (New Creditor, new Limitation period)
BCs work in pairs inside this forum. BC-1 will post of harassments by BCs. BC-2 will post of past or present experience of “settling the old debt” with just small amounts of RM 5 - 10K (for 60-90K old debt), they then get release letter from the new creditor (even without viewing the actual vested order).

The Intended Destination:


This is why my standard requirements are:

No docs tendered and shown in this forum, no further discussions from me.
No PoID (Proof of Identity) of any means, no teaching on how to deal with your personal lawsuits or any harassments (if any).

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answered on Mar 22, 2021 at 10:46
@ Jeff

To be frank as a financial fugitive as u mentioned a few items that worry me is 

States that The Limitation Act starts from the day the debt is sold by the banks (New Creditor, new Limitation period)

This is a worrying factor - if really what they say is true we are in deep trouble, so is really praying is not true.

Ask for discount and pay some moneys to them to stop any lawsuits (Judgement Debt / Bankruptcy Notice)

This is something i believe will reset the clock, by acknowledging the debt, which is why i always ask them to provide me the itemized bank statement proving my debt for verification, and normally this will buy sometime, they will probably take a day or two to do so. 

Ask for a schedule of discounted repayments by instalments

This i believe also reset the clock since i acknowledge that i owe them that amount or etc. i normally buat bodoh and say i forgot if i have those card they mentioned and if they insist i do have those cards or etc - then they should provide me the evidence of owing to them, banks statement or etc.

then most of the time, no response already then new officer call then i will repeat the same old thing , ask for statement and etc. hopefully that will work and buy more time then push the time line further and further away from the 6 years or 12 years limitation ( if they have sued before) thing.
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answered on Mar 22, 2021 at 11:13
edited Mar 22, 2021 at 11:20
by   jeff005
@ Vince Sum

1. Please take note that the pic was send and referred directly to @Remy and is of no concerns to others. Read the T&C of Lawyerment Policies.

2. As i have posted in this forum for the past 7 years

a) Stop taking calls from BCs

b) Change new numbers, have 2 SIM cards / numbers

c) Only banks can and will give you statements, BCs cannot and will not.

d) Now you are not dealing with banks but with new creditor of your bad debt (if any). It is now a totally different ball game on a different arena (Courts).

With proper knowledge, then a debtor can sleep better at night.. !!
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answered on Mar 23, 2021 at 22:13

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answered on Mar 24, 2021 at 09:09
edited Oct 21, 2022 at 21:18

The people that have been harassing you at your workplace are just only kitty mouse sewer rats. I found out from many other sources there are bigger sharks (like what could had happened to MH730) with no bodies found? Eaten by the Great White Sharks (without prejudice)?
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answered on Mar 30, 2021 at 11:30
edited Oct 21, 2022 at 21:20

Excerpts from the website "WhoCallsMe"

19 Feb 2021
03-2614568* same like 03-2614591* , all from Aiqon capital
Aiqon acquired debt from Ambank, and all the debts of the MBF credit card previously acquired by Ambank and Ambank have been resold to Aiqon.

Aiqon still belongs to the financial system and still belongs to the supervision of Bank Negara. It must abide by the rules of banks and bank agents just like banks.

Aiqon often tells customers that the computer system is set to call debtors or customers. That is to say, some people will repeatedly receive unanswered calls. This has violated Bank Negara's set of debt collectors. You can file a complaint with Bank Negara on the rules of calling customers or debtors three times a week.

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answered on Mar 30, 2021 at 15:04
@ remymikael

Now you can see how scams can be carried out so easily.
Sit behind a keyboard.. read legal notices..
Go to court on behalf of the respondent.
Ask the Bkcy Judge for more time to find the debtor.
Find the debtor, tell him/her I managed to delay the proceeding.
And can cacat the Bkcy Lawsuit, but need fees of 3-5K.
Just like those scams carried out under 6Ps (IMI).
Sad.. sad.. sad..
Perhaps I should perform on you if you ever receive a notice, but my charges is very cheap and reasonable.. oni 5kTBH (not rupiahs). Okay?
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answered on Mar 30, 2021 at 18:16
edited Mar 30, 2021 at 18:59
by   Tanavaroot
@ remymikael

Dear Sir,

Regarding your latest debacle with the Bill Collectors, may I suggest the following :

Step 1
Deal with the ground workers who are innocent and is acting under orders from the Higher Management. They are paid to do the donkey work.

Step 2
Deal with the top Management (i.e. Head of Bankruptcy Unit) via Polis Repot to BNM and Commercial Crime Division.
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answered on Mar 30, 2021 at 18:33
edited Oct 21, 2022 at 21:22
@ remymikael

Step 1

Ref :

Send legal notification via text messages to the person who contacted you with the following :

To Who It May Concern (Without Prejudice).

To the operator of this number 03-2614-568*. I have been receiving unsolicited calls (regularly) from this un-identified number. I feel that I have been harassed and intimidated, plus my life is in constant danger from such threats via un-named calls..

I have been in liaison with AIQON Head Of Bankruptcy Unit (miss Sarsi - very popular soft drink in Thailand) and have reply to her via email to the fact that I have deny owing any debts to your company and would contest to any lawsuits from your company. Simply means " Settle in Court".

If you do call again, I shall make a report to the Selayang polis station and to meet you in person there to settle any issues between us (if any). Further actions will be to make further reports to MCMC, BNM and to all Telcos with the polis repot.

I hope this sinks deep into your heart that I also mean "business as usual" and regard this as a legal notification from myself. Same as I have received legal notification from your company regarding Judgement Debt and Bankruptcy Notice against me.
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