Dikejar debt collector untuk tuntutan hutang bagi pinjaman pada tahun 2006/2007 yang telah pun mencecah 200k++

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asked on Feb 20, 2021 at 13:33
Aslmkm / Salam sejahtera

Mohon nasihat dan pandangan dari pihak tuan.
Saya telah dihubungi oleh sebuah syarikat debt collector yang memaklumkan bahawa mereka ada maklumat hutang yang telah dijual kepada mereka oleh sebuah bank tempatan. Maklumat hutang tersebut adalah

- Hutang untuk 2 kad kredit untuk tahun 2006 dan 2007 dengan hutang terkumpul bagi kedua-dua CC tersebut sekarang adalah rm 170 K ++. Bayaran terakhir saya lakukan untuk kedua-dua kad ini adalah pada tahun 2008
- Hutang kereta waja (telah ditarik dan di lelong pada tahun 2007) yang sekarang berjumlah rm 40 k++

Jumlah hutang : rm 210k++

Status sekarang adalah debt collector ini kerap menghubungi saya di tempat kerja dan malah telah pun datang ke tempat kerja saya untuk berjumpa berkenaan hutang-hutang ini terutamanya jika saya tidak mengangkat panggilan mereka . Ini telah menyebabkan pekerja-pekerja lain di tempat kerja saya merungut berkenaan situasi ini. Saya telah pun menghubungi mereka memberitahu supaya jangan lagi menghubungi saya atau datang ke tempat kerja saya tetapi mereka juga memaklumkan bahawa saya pun perlu juga lakukan pembayaran tehadap hutang ini semua jika ingin isu ini diselesaikan. Saya kemudian mengarahkan mereka untuk menghantar ke email saya semua maklumat terperinci berkaitan hutang - hutang tersebut untuk tujuan rujukan saya sebelum saya membuat sebarang keputusan. Mohon nasihat pihak tuan berkenaan

1. Perlukah saya membayar hutang-hutang CC dan kereta ini semua  memandangkan ianya telah pun melebihi 6 tahun dari tahun terakhir saya lakukan pembayaran  berpandukan akta had masa 1953 ???
2. Bagaimanakah saya ingin memberhentikan terus debt collector sekarang daripada mengganggu saya atau mana-mana debt collector yang mungkin akan dilantik dimasa depan jika akaun hutang saya ini diambil alih oleh debt collector yang lain jika option saya adalah untuk tidak membayar hutang ini ???
3. Adakah tindakan saya untuk memaklumkan debt collector supaya tidak lagi mengganggu saya ditempat kerja dan mengarahkan maklumat hutang saya yang mereka ada untuk dihantar ke email saya bagi tujuan rujukan saya adalah satu tindakan yang betul dan sah? atau saya perlu ke pejabat mereka untuk mengambil notis bertulis berkenaan maklumat hutang tersebut???
4. Sekiranya saya tidak perlu bayar hutang tersebut dan tuntutan telah dibuat keatas saya dan  saya perlu hadir ke mahkamah, bagaimanakah ingin saya mebuktikan di mahkamah bahawa hutang - hutang saya ini semua saya tidak perlu dibayar berpandukan akta had masa 1953 tersebut.???

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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 14:12
Hi remy , 

The CC and the car loan from same bank ? Which bank and who is your new creditors ? 
What your credit card limits and what your outstanding car loan when they repossessed the car? 
Any legal action taken by the bank ? 
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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 15:06
Thank you for your prompt reply sir

1. The CC and the car loan is from the same bank which is Ambank. The new creditor / debt collector is Aiqon Amanah

2. Credit limit is 8k for both cc. The outstanding car loan for the car after repossessed and auctioned is rm 16,350

3. Haven't received any legal action from Ambank 

Just fyi sir that at this present moment my credit statusare
- CCRIS (SAA status) and has CTOS record
- Not bancrupt

Thank you 
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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 15:32
Hi Remy ,

Your new creditor have bought a few banks bad debt , do you still own any others bank ? 

Even after 6 years , you still need to attend to court to strike off the case ( if creditor  bring  the case to court ) provided you are not make judgement Debtor before . 

Try to write a complain letter to Bank Negara regarding the creditors did not follow the fair collection practice .
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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 16:47
Thanks sir for your answers

1. My latest CCRIS ( oct 2020) stated that i have debt @ personal loan given from 2 banks ( Bank Rakyat @2004 and Ambank @2005) that has a total of rm 24k+. Other than this and the the above debt, i dont own any other debt from any other bank sir. 

2. a) If i go to the court, how do i strike off my case sir? Do i need to provide the court proof that my debts are out of time ( > 6 years) and if yes, then how can i obtain such proof sir?
b) If the creditor doesnt bring my case to the court then how can i instruct them legally to not to continue  harrassing me ?
c) I dont understand the word " provide you are not make judgement before". Does judgement here means they issued an order for me to go to the court within those 6 years after i started to default from my last payment sir? 

3. Just to further understand sir before writing my complaint details to BNM about the facts where the creditor did not follow the fair collection practice guidelines. As in my case, my complaint should be for the below issue isn't sir?
- they continue calling and even sent their staff to my workplace and this has made other staff in my workplace felt inconvenient and  start complaining about it. 
- they will only stop harassing me if i start making payments despite my request to them to stop contacting/sending staff to my workplace due to the reason as above

Thank you again sir for your explanation
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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 17:39
Actually those figures they give are bull**** and sampah...take for example me...before that RHB ways say i owing tbem alot money...more than 70k...but when they fe the suit in mahkamah...they only mention 18k...

I think legally is not so easy to accumalate interest. Cc interest is 18% per year Not per month. But the bank always add 18% per month...and they know when file to court bukan boleh taruh any figure ikut suka kepala bapak dia orang. Must follow agreement.
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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 17:41
Hi Remy 

1) it means that after you have settle the New Creditors debt , you still have another bank bad debt to settle before you can clear your CCris / Ctos . 

2) They have to file and state that when the debt occur and if good that you have some old credit card or statement to proof but it all depends on what type of tactic their lawyers use . Don't worries so much of this parts until they really start the procedure of filing the case in court .

b) they will not listen to you . That their job 
C ) if after they make you a judgement Debtor , they have 12/15 years to take the 2nd action which include bankcrucy on you. Why not you upload your latest CCris and Ctos report here for understanding and comment ( hide all the personal information ) 

3) Yes , you can . But this is just a complain , will BNM take action or not is another story . But at least more people make the same complain to BNM , they will look into it .

Bear in mind that , creditors always want their money back . They will do whatever they can to get the money back . So if you don't intend to pay back , don't ever bank in a single cents to them to restart the clock of the limitation .

Did you ever nego with them on your amount ? 
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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 17:57
edited Feb 20, 2021 at 19:26
by   Oldalantam
Hi Vince Sum 
You are right . I think now due to the i-sinar , the creditors / debt collector will try to slam a huge amount and try their luck . They don't understand if the amount are so big , people have no money to pay and  rather wait to settle in court especially those old debt . Maybe if they are professional enough to only make some profit out of it , most the debtor will pay back .

By the way , for your case ( RxB) why 2002 default case they still bring to court in 2018 just for 18k ( not even can make u a bankcrucy ) , is that in the middle you did do any payment and admit you own the debt ? Can share with us to enlighten us ? 

By the way , if you have a email address , we have communicate as well . 
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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 18:44

No. Because i am not aware of this limitation thing. If i have known i would have ignored them. Regret paying

But actuly they file settlement i only pajd 5k

See their game??.

But non other hand..if not mistaken the amount i owe them at the time if default...4k. So after 16 years 1k interest...not that bad la.

If they are reasonable most ppl will pay but the problem they are not
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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 19:28
Both of you if got email address we can communicate and update further on this issue .
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answered on Feb 20, 2021 at 20:10

Thank you for the explanation 
Currently there is no nego has been made and also no payment has been done sir

I noted that both of my current ccris and ctos report didn't stated the details about this CC debt also. I'll furnish the details about this debt and my ccris/ctos report for further discussion onced I've obtained the written details about my debt from them. 
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