Fellowship breach contract due to SV

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asked on Feb 19, 2021 at 14:30
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I have been signed for fellowship programme for my PHD, and I resigned from my current job.
The problem is now my SV gave unsatisfactory result to me and I have been said to breach the contract. Now I have to paid for the breach contract amount around RM40k in full, the result from my SV is unknown to me and I not I could have done something. I was inform when it is too late. They requested me to pay in full and now I have sent the request to pay monthly only if I landed a job. Currently I am in my final year PhD with different SV and paid the tuition fee on my own.

My question is there any way I can ask for lost of income? betrayal? or anything?
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answered on Feb 19, 2021 at 14:52
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by   jeff005
@ sakinah

What is your term SV?

Breach of Contract
1. There must be sufficient notice of termination and valid reasons under the T&C of the signed contract.

2. The full contract is RM40K, how much have been disbursed by the CV? Were you paid wages under the contract, if not how could you ask for loss of income?

3. For breach of professional contracts, you may approach the Industrial Relations Dept for appropriate advise and for any action in Industrial Court (Lawsuit by the SV). It is free representation if you have a valid case to fight on.
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