Non-Muslim Malaysian Man marrying a Muslim Foreign Woman

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asked on Jan 17, 2021 at 17:10
I am Malaysian man (non-Muslim) together with a FOREIGNER woman (Muslim), we decided to get marry in the future. She don't have a Malaysian PR/citizenship and currently staying in Malaysia with a study visa along with her passport. 

1) Do i need to convert to Islam if i am going to marry her in Malaysia? does the law of religious conversion applies toward a Malaysian man marrying foreign Muslim woman? SIDENOTE: She's NOT a Malaysian Muslim. 

2) What are the best options in order for me to marry her without any obstacles in between?

Thanks for providing a genuine answer. 
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answered on Jan 17, 2021 at 18:34
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by   jeff005

providing a genuine answer. 
The answer below is not only a genuine answer but also a Lawful answer.

Malaysian Civil Laws on Marriages and also Shariah Laws is cast in stone that only Muslims can marry Muslims. There are no gray areas and is not gender based.. Even if you marry overseas in some countries like Thailand or Indonesia (Marriages of both foreigners) commonly known as Marriage Tourism where conversion is not compulsory, coming back to marry in Malaysia mesti potong dulu sebelum conversion.. 

In some rural areas of some Islamic countries, can kena potong buah kelapa too..

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