Can I go back to Malaysia?

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asked on Sep 13, 2020 at 23:15
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by   Khaled
I went to Malaysia with my family under visit visa in November 2018. My two children got admitted in an international school and from the school they arranged student pass for both my children and a dependent pass for my wife. For me, I got my visit visa extended for another month and at that point an agent told me that he can arrange a long term professional visa for me but the cost will be RM 20000. Money was not an issue for me so I agreed and he took my passport and an advance payment of RM 10000. After that he kept on telling me that at any point of time my Visa will be issued and not to worry at all. He also kept on asking me to arrange the remaining RM 10000 so that I can pay him the same day  my visa is approved, I always rest assured him that my money is ready. As my visa expiry date was closing I got worried and kept on calling him about my visa update but he told me to stay calm and not to worry at all. Unfortunately, after another month, my visa was expired but as the passport was not with me I could not leave the country. After that he never gave me back my passport or money and I became an illegal immigrant. Mostly, I stayed at home as I have a steady income back in my country Bangladesh. Then, the government of Malaysia started B4G program. I was relieved and got a new passport issued from Bangladesh. A friend of mine brought the new passport to me in Kuala Lumpur from Dhaka.  I went to the immigration office of Jalan Duta and got my B4G Special Pass for 14 Days. The pass was issued on December 30, 2019. While talking to the immigration officer I told him my story and when I went for my biometric they only took my two thumb’s impression. Others who went for biometric with me had to give 10 finger impression but for me, they took only my thumb impression, I don’t know why. I got back to my country on January 05, 2020 along with my family members. In my passport page 28 the immigration stamped a BLI/WM without mentioning any time period. I was never arrested for any offence during my stay in Malaysia. Can I ever go back to Malaysia?
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