Insurance claim from third party

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asked on Jul 22, 2020 at 16:12

Hope someone can give me an answer...
I got involved in an accident some 2 years ago. I was driving along the PLUS highway and it was high traffic. I wanted to change lane from the middle to the third which mean I'm going to left. Suddenly out of nowhere a motorcycle came from behind and was on my left hit my car damaged the side mirror and bumper. I was shocked as it was out of sudden. We stop to check and the two person riding the motorcycle, the pillion rider was injured on his big toes. I sent him to the nearest hospital and get treatment and even sent him home. I paid for all the expenses and he demand some compensation which i paid too. My mistakes was i didn't make a police report. 

Some 3 months later he called and wanted to claim insurance and both of us got saman because late to report to police. After some investigation the police said i did the right thing for him. Now after 2 years i need to go to court to hear this case. 

My question is am i need to attend this hearing? They lawyer said the other party are going to claim against me for insurance. Aren't they are suppose to claim against the insurance company and not me? And i really need to go to court?
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