Package Scam: Parcel on hold by Custom through Access Export Courier

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asked on Jul 21, 2020 at 18:19
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Actually my story is a little bit similar with this kind of question "Package Scam: Parcel on hold by Custom through Global Logistic Express Courier Service" but it is different courier company.

I already know this man about 3 months. He is from USA. I know him through dating apps. He is a caring person. Always ask about my family and always call me for more than one hour if he call me. He already sent his picture to me. I already made video call with him but only once and it is too short and unclear. He said he will make another video call after I received parcel that he already sent to me. I try to confirm with workplace that he claimed he works for, the workplace said there is no person with that name and picture. He said to me the facebook that I messaged his workplace is a scammer. But because of the parcel that I need to pay several times make me feel that I being scammed.

I already made a police report but am still communicating with him. I told him so but he says he is not a scammer.

I need to pay several amount to receive the parcel, but until now I didn't receive anything yet. I paid it to a courier company. I already paid almost RM40,000 for the parcel.

This is the latest message from the courier guy. The courier guy only message me through Whatsapp, and he will decline my call if I call him. It is only message, no black and white letter from this company. 

Hello Miss, Access Export Courier service Headquarter (USA) delivery have been reported to the international transportation of currency and monetary instrument between you and the sender, according to the specification  of Department of treasury,  financial crimes enforcement network (FinCEN)

Miss! this is to let you know that your parcel has violated the International Monetary Fund (IMF) rules and regulations and as such you have a chance of loosing your money, package and will be charged to the court of law,  so you can face the consequence... In order to secure your parcel and your money you have to make a payments of (RM 100,000) as to be reminded 90% of the payments and other payments you made will be refunded (TRANSFERRED TO YOUR ACCOUNT ) during delivery, I will advise you to comply and make it hasty in order to get your parcel and your money secured and you not going to jail.
I am not sure what to do now, right now the man that I know through dating apps suggests me to sell my one and only car to get money the pay half from RM100,000. If I not pay this amount, the parcel will be delivered back to USA and he will never get that parcel back. I am in dilemma.

Please help me to know if it is real or I have already being scammed?
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answered on Jul 21, 2020 at 18:47
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The man that I know through dating apps said that he cannot transfer the money because the bank is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and he is unable to do international that he cannot do international money transfer to make a pay.
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answered on Jul 21, 2020 at 22:18
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Please help me to know if it is real or I have already being scammed?
It is a real parcel scam.
You have already been scammed again, again and again.
(Dating Scam.. Love Scam.. Parcel Scam..)

Use your police report and send it to Facebook, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the commercial crimes division in Bukit Aman.
Make a serious report to the Bank HQ you have deposited the moneys into.
Post the Facebook Link of this handsome guy here to prevent other lovely ladies like you.. from being cheated in Love Scam again.
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