How long can we claim personal injury settlement?

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asked on Jun 30, 2020 at 19:46
Hey Everyone,
My wife and my sister-in-law were involved in a car accident three years ago. A speeding car came towards them, and all of them were in rough shape. They had suffered from multiple injuries, including whiplash, bruising, and broken bones. My brother and I had contacted a personal injury lawyer immediately, and we got compensation for the medical expenses, including the cost of surgeries and rehabilitation at that time. Now it has been a year since we're treating them with the insurance coverage and spending for their physiotherapy visits, but we are no longer receiving the payments.
Do you guys have experience with injury claims and settlements resulting from a car accident?
Everything has been filed with our insurance company, so can we also claim for the time spent treating them and the medical expenses incurred over the entire time because the accident is not their fault. Any input would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
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