Student Visa Renewal: After returning home, got blacklisted by Malaysia Immigration for semester deferment

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asked on Jun 11, 2020 at 18:01
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I was studying for a Masters at LimKokWing University. I graduated from there too. I finished one semester. And then missed the registration for the 2nd semester but already paid. I didn't know much about the deferment. I thought I could just renew my visa and register for next semester. Before my student pass expired, I reapplied and submitted along with ALl the required documents requested by my university. I exited Malaysia before my visa expiry date with C.O.M I got not blacklist until then. But after 4 months I came to know that I got blacklisted by the Immigration. Now, the university told me they are working to clear my name from the blacklist from the Immigration.

Does anyone know about this procedure? In this case is there anything I can do? Did anyone face this situation before? Can I still travel to Malaysia with a tourist visa?
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answered on Aug 3, 2022 at 23:30
edited Aug 3, 2022 at 23:48
by   jeff005
@ icheezer

Let me share a story which was just baking from my oven just only hours ago.

Similar issue with "deferment" blacklist.

One nasty college made Police Report on 30+ foreigner students.
Subsequently submitted to Immigration to "blacklist" them.
However, there was an error. One was still studying inside now, after one deferment and is on an active and valid Student Pass. Many blacklisted were already back to their countries. The lockdown has caused many student's parents to be in some financial difficulties and hence deferment due to delays to pay the advance tuition fees. 

The college did try to rectify this error (same mode as yours) of which for the past 2 months, there was no reply from immigration (yet).

How can these types of errors occur in Universities?
It is very disastrous for many students.

This particular student have just got a job offer (upon graduation) by a local established company. The college has the cheek to inform him that, because of the blacklist, there is also a blacklist on future employment.

The same as I had advised him...

Go direct and personally to MY IMI to lodge a compliant with supporting docs in order to rectify this blacklist since he is still studying inside Malaysia.

How could Institute of Higher Education makes such mistakes?
It is unforgiveable. We parents, slave to working life, to send our children to colleges so that they can earn a stable income /career, yet we have idiots who can make such documentary mistakes and makes so many people's life miserable. Those who cannot come back to study due to the blacklist, loses good moneys and wasted precious time.

My personal suspicions is that the blacklist to prevent the students from changing colleges. There is also another student (from your country too) who could not come back to perform his "internship" which can mean that he would receive a "half-baked scroll". There was a she (documented in this forum too) who had faced the same problem trying to come back (but not same college as U).

I had more than 10 cases on this "deferment blacklist". It is not shared in this forum because of paid solutions consultations requested and the request was directed to my email account.

It is good for you to come back so that you can trash the college thru MY IMI.
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answered on Aug 4, 2022 at 17:58
Thank you so much for the information. It was so pathetic that I legally stopped and exited the country that i can not study temporarily . The university approved my deferment letter after 3 months almost near the end of my Visa. Upon renewal, they made me blacklisted. I am glad at least they accepted that they are at fault of this. I hope the translation is right. As i can not understand malay language. 
Based on the translation, they mentioned it was universities fault. right?

Wanted to ask, Shall I go to Putrajaya IMI office or Cyberjaya Immigration or EMGS office? 

Should I write a letter to DG of MY IMI to Putrajaya? 
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answered on Aug 4, 2022 at 22:40
edited Aug 4, 2022 at 22:52
by   jeff005
@ icheezer

Wanted to ask, Shall I go to Putrajaya IMI office or Cyberjaya Immigration or EMGS office?

Understand the procedures, then you will have less problems when you are in immigration. Know your rights and speak with confidence. And to teach /share with your countrymen, college mates. I will be expiring soon. Going to Thailand to treat my medical condition. The baton will be passed to you.

1.  The college had admitted that there is an error on their part to have blacklisted you.

2.  This letter was send to Cyberjaya, so that's the same place you should go to.

3.  EMGS is only the vetting party for new or renew applications to study in Malaysia.

4.  The COM done is to terminate the Student Pass legally. Without the COM, there will always be a automated blacklist to come back into Malaysia, even as a tourist.

5.  The COM done, EMGS is no longer involved except for a new application. 

The above letter is an appeal to clear the blacklist. It was send 4 months ago and yet there is no response from MY IMI. I doubt they would reply soon.

Do not like a person, do a police report, then blacklist him @IMI. Now you need his fees, request IMI to clear the blacklist. Funni.. the college is the boss of Polis and MY IMI? Nothing better to do but create unsubstantiated issues? TO "order" them to clear the blacklist? By making an error in the polis repot, it is against the law. If IMI response they became an accomplice in this "misadventure". IMI should know you have canceled the SP and left within the stated period. Once IMI has blacklisted, they are unlikely to clear it. It has made fools out of the IMI Dept. The missing party is you. Only the affected person can make appeal so that IMI can "punish" the actual mistake maker.

The issue is that how could those blacklisted ones come back when they would be denied a visa to come into Malaysia again? How to get recourse? You have left legally, that's why you can come back as a tourist.

The blacklist seeked by the college will be to deny to study again or any application for PWP (Professional Work Permit within Malaysia.

You have to write an appeal letter to explain what had happened to u, stating the timeline in the college. Deferment or unpaid study fees does not concern the IMI Dept. It is the polis repot and application by the college to blacklist you that is affecting your future here in Malaysia. Tell IMI what you want to do in Malaysia after the blacklist is "cleared".

Good Luck 
May ALLAH Bless U all the time..

Jeff Lee
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