Can I sue my daughter's boyfriend for allowing my 19-year-old daughter to run away with him?

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asked on Jun 10, 2020 at 13:55
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I'm unsure if I can sue him for this. If so, please tell me. Thank you. Is it illegal for her to run away?
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answered on Jun 10, 2020 at 15:48
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First you want to to sue your parents for physical abuse:

Now you want to sue the boy who helped her to run away from you?

Did he point a gun or knife at her throat?

Did your daughter run away from you because of "Love"?
or she is just wanting to be away from you, making the boyfriend a scapegoat?

Of course, Malaysia allows anyone to be sued in court.

Better still, make a "missing person" report naming that poor man/boy for possible abduction, kidnapping, enticement to "run away from home". Meaning this case will be under Criminal Court.
If your beloved daughter attends court and states that she has been suffering from physical and emotional abuse "at home" and can provide solid evidence, be prepared for 2 counter-suits, by your daughter and separately, her boyfriend. Or the Public Prosecutor can take up the case without the need for your daughter's consent. Take note that her boyfriend has parents too..!!

Is it illegal for her to run away?
At 18, a teenager has reached adulthood, the "Age of Consent". 
Her actions is solely her own choice and is responsible for her own actions.
Things are pointing to the fact there is cracked mirrors in the parent/child relationship.

Am I talking nonsense here?
My own teenage son at 15 already planned to leave her mother's house (my ex wife) when he reaches 18. And if I do not take him into my household, he has stated that he would strike out on his own. And there is nothing I can do to repair any broken or shattered mirrors. Can I?
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