How to unblock a forever banned passport.?

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asked on Mar 12, 2020 at 22:59
Long story short.
I have a friend who was arrested for a criminal case 1 day after his visa expired. He wasn't aware he had a case on him, he went to extend his student visa (special pass), and the immigration called him to go to the immigration department, the day they called him to go was coincidentally was the 1st day of overstay, the police officers arrested him for the criminal case and overstayed. In the end of story, he was in remand for 2 weeks, and his lawyer told him to admit guilty, he will be deported back to his country so he don't have to go to prison in Malaysia. So what my friend didn't know was that he will be banned forever. So is there any ways to unban him? He has a girlfriend in Malaysia, and both of them plan to get married. But my friend is banned from Malaysia forever. How can he unban himself?

What can he do? Reopen the case and fight again? It's been 2 years though since this happened.
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answered on Mar 13, 2020 at 23:13
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by   jeff005
Long story short.
Short story is never accurate. Full of hidden daggers, false excuses to gain sympathy.
Tell the long story, not the wrong sory.
We all have elephant long ears here.

extend his student visa (special pass),
Half baked potato story on student visa.

the police officers arrested him for the criminal case and overstayed
Police is not empowered to arrest foreigners for overstay immigration offenses.

Simple answer. If your passport is BAN, either
1.  Change to a new passport upon expiry
2.  Go to another country and get another Nationality passport.
3.  The gf goes over to his country, marry there and settled down there.

If the Bearer of the passport (Name, country, biometrics and facial features) is BAN, then there is no "unban" taking into account 2 Laws have been committed, Criminal Laws and Immigration Laws.

If you receive any messages from unknown /hidden sources from this website, who says that they have ways to make him come back, be my guest and pay your hard earn moneys to those scammers.
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