Overstayed But already married to Malaysian citizen in Malaysia few years before

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asked on Mar 5, 2020 at 03:41
Hi I have a fren a Malaysian(she) who is married to a Australian citizen(he).They were married legally in 2012 in Malaysia. Both were engaged in a serious biz in Australia and Malaysia and her husband who is a Australian citizen use to travel on n off from there to Malaysia in visitors pass. Unfortunately they had a big loss in the biz totally stuck and she was bankrupt and her husband overstayed here for 2 years  and failed to apply for spouse visa or biz visa. They were totally broke and only now they manage to find some money to pay to the immigration to leave the country. My question is how much will he be fined if he can provide all evidence of the situation? Will it be 10k or 2k only and because the wife is a bankrupt will the immigration consider a shorter period of ban towards the husband to re enter Malaysia in the future? Pls advise on what is the proper way to explain to the immigration to get min penalty and minimum ban from entering back. Thank you.
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answered on Mar 5, 2020 at 08:26
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by   jeff005
@ Alpha

Why dun you ask your friend to post here and and ask for themselves?

1.  All bankrupted inside Malaysia whether locals or foreigners (bankrupted by Malaysian Creditors), there is a travel ban out of Malaysia.

2.  Even if there is a Malaysian child born from the union, the Blacklist stays as a result of breaking laws of the land. Can only appeal based on merits.

3.  There is no min penalty nor ban period appeal. Amnesty is over 31/12/2019. Even the Amnesty BAN is 5 years. For some, it is  "LIFETIME" BAN (no appeal).
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