Debt Collection Agency Revealed Information To Third Party

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asked on Mar 4, 2020 at 16:47
A debt collector from Biz Suria (unknown/No name) reached out to my friend who is not a guarantor or even related to my postpaid subscription with Umobile and revealed my outstanding postpaid debt and sent a "SMS" notification to his phone number on the reminder. 

Myself,  Menaga A/P Ramu has another prepaid number which active with the same provider (Umobile) where they could have contacted me personally on my debt matter. However, it was revealed to a total stranger who were not even from the same family.

This is a breach of trust and PDPA act where Umobile and Biz Suria have shared my personal debt information verbally via phone call and sms notification (written) to a third party.
As a consumer, I need justification for such a misconduct and breach of PDPA act by both parties. Need your kind attention in assisting this matter and advise next course of action taken by the law.

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