Renewing Malaysian Passport

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asked on Jan 12, 2020 at 16:52
Hi All

I have a foreign passport as i had to convert over because of circumstances than need (i worked for a foreign government). My MY PP has expired and immigration records shows i am overseas. Question is, if i enter MY with my foreign passport and seek to renew my Malaysian PP, anyone has any recent experience? I have new IC but accidentally allowed my PP to expire last year and forgot to renew it. I have intention to move back as one of my relative is dying and has no one to rely upon except me. 

Appreciate anyone sharing.

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answered on Jan 12, 2020 at 18:11
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by   jeff005

if i enter MY with my foreign passport 
Do you have a choice?
Aussie Travel Policies is that for Dual Citizenship holders like you have to travel out using AU passport.

seek to renew my Malaysian PP
How do you explain your entry into MY since there is a record of exit for so many years? If you show your AU PP to them, MY IMI may compound it and seek your self renunciation of your Malaysian citizenship.

accidentally allowed my PP to expire last year and forgot to renew it.
You couldn't even if you wanted to.
Malaysian have migrated to a new Biometric System. Facial Recognition is now embedded into the passport via a chip.
All old passports cannot be renewed in 2019 overseas. Must come back personally.

I have intention to move back
Mistake has been made for not coming back to Malaysia to make a new MY PP.

Even if you have still a valid MY PP and when you try to make a new one, can you explain why you can be in AU for so many years.

Legally speaking you are still Malaysian Citizen.
The only option for your case is to renounce your AU Citizenship in order to come back to Malaysia. And you will not be issued a MY PP to travel anywhere for a period of time. That is, if you decide to come back to reside.

@Mouldy husband have renounced his MY citizenship. His residency application is sure to fail. KDN and MY IMI  need not give any reasons for any rejections.

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answered on Jan 22, 2020 at 18:40
Just come back with your foreign passport and renew your MY passport asap. Most likely, you'll be fine, unless you're terribly unlucky.

There's really no point in ruminating over hypotheticals that may not happen, esp. since you've found yourself in a tight situation and your choices are limited.

When was the last time on record you left Malaysia? And when did your passport expire? I hope it's not something like 10-15 years ago.

IMO, dual citizens are low on immigration priorities. You'll probably be fine.

Passport scans do get occasionally left out either due to human error or machine glitches. It's probably more common than we think. Is especially common in the land vehicular borders.
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