Employer deducted my salary because of missing cargoes. Is it legal?

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asked on Jan 9, 2020 at 03:31
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I been working in this company for a year. And they have done some year-end stock checking recently.

And I only found out that my salary was like 20% less during payday when I was checking the amount in my bank account. And so I went to ask.

And then I only found out that they deducted my salary because there were some cargoes went missing in the past 12 months. So they decided to deduct the salary of mine and other 11 employees because they have no clue when and who had stolen those cargoes.

And I felt so upset and unfair. Because my company doesn't want to get CCTV installed by saying that "it's too expensive."

And cargoes could be stolen by the others during my holidays or off-day. I felt like it wasn't my responsibility that cargoes went missing during those days when I was off duty. I'm not sure. But still possible.

And I certainly did not steal their cargoes.

And we have like thousands of cargoes in a really large warehouse. So it's really hard to notice if anything missing or not.

And I just want to know is it their rights to that to me and the other 11 employees or not?

Because I felt like neither of me nor the other 11 employees should take responsibility for those missing cargoes unless my company has solid proof? Just because my company is too cheap to get some CCTV.

Thanks for reading my question. I really need some advice here.
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answered on Jan 9, 2020 at 10:41
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because my company is too cheap to get some CCTVs.
One of the reasons that you should change job.

I really need some advice here
Bring and take your case to the nearest Labour Department for illegal deductions from your monthly wages.
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answered on Jan 10, 2020 at 23:33
If your under the scope of Employment Act 1955, ie if your salary is less than RM 2,000.00 or if you or your colleagues are involved in manual labour or supervising manual labour, then you can report to the nearest Labour Department that there has been unlawful deduction of wages. 

If your not covered under the Employment Act 1955, you should write to the employer stating that there is no basis for the deduction and for the employer to immediately restore the deduction portion failing which you have a right to walk out from employment on the basis of constructive dismissal, ie, the company has breached a fundamental term of your contract of employment.

Arun Kumar
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