Entry in malaysia after 8 month out

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asked on Jan 8, 2020 at 14:27
Hi there, my wife and me are both swiss, we were in Malaysia quite often during 2018 and 2019 under 90 visa. Each time when we were leaving Malaysia we went to Bali for 30 days. Now the 3 May 2019 we left Malaysia via KLIA and at the immigration exit point, the officer, when he saw all our visa stamps from Malaysia in and out, was quite sceptical and started to question me why I never go back to my country and why so many trip to Malaysia. To be honest I was not prepare to be questioned at an exit point, normally it suppose to be when entering. Well after few minute s of studying my passport, he stamped with the exit stamp but he put with the pen a small annotation on the bottom stated the time and the next destination. (which was Bali again). For my wife it was the same but it was with another officer next to mine. Actually we were supposed to go to Bali for 30 days and come back to KL but when we saw this we change our plan and we did not went back to Malaysia since today. Now we are actually in Singapore and we are flying on the 10 of January to KLIA (more than 8 months after ) and of course we are wondering if the entry will be a problem. I don't think so because first we are not coming from Bali but from Singapore (As they want to see the boarding Pass) and second, the stay out of Malaysia is more than 8 months plus changing of calendar year. Well anyway I will appreciate your point of view on this, ThanksĀ 
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answered on Jan 8, 2020 at 18:59
There is a thread started for this types of Immigration.

If you want some comments from me, please post under this thread :
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