Package on hold by China Customs Scam

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I am writing this because it is my first time to receive a parcel from a friend.

He is a US Army and has been deployed currently to Damascus Syria. Now he told me that he was given a reward after he and his company did a great job in their field of work. He told me that no one will receive his package if he gonna send it to his hometown since he is widowed, his parents and brothers have passed away and he is the only existing in his family. He has two kids and are very young and can't received the parcel.

Now he decided to send it to me since he will be visiting the country after his deployment. At first I did not mind since I thought he was just joking around. Until he asked for my details to send the parcel. I received several emails too.

And one day, I received an email from the delivery company letting me know that the parcel was on hold by the China Customs informing me that that I need to pay the administrative fee. I informed the sender about this. He told me to pay for it and he will refund me the money I paid after I received the parcel. But unfortunately I told him that I didn't have much and I couldn't pay it. Then he told me that he would contact one of his friend and see if he could lend that amount. But then he said that his friend could lend him like 500$ and I needed to raise the remaining $100 and send it to his friend so he could send the money to the representative in China. Until now I did not process nor pay anything since I didn't have that amount of money.

Now I would like to ask if this Delivery Company is legit and true? I actually did my research on this and asked several people if its a scam or not? And they had hard time figuring it out. 

This  is the name and link of the Delivery Company

This is the email I received from them:

With reference to the delivery of your package, I wish to bring to your notice that your package has been placed on hold by the Custom Authority for some reasons which happened to violate the shipping policies. As the goods were brought on transit point in China. At the transit check point, the authority detected that Cash/Currency were included in your parcel. Below are the restricted items.

Objects have restrictions to enter the Country:

- Narcotics and psychotropic substances.
- Explosive, flammable or other dangerous materials, as well as radioactive materials.
- Obscene or immoral objects.
- Live animals.
- Objects that, due to their nature or packaging, could present a danger to employees, stain or damage other shipments or postal equipment.
- Firearms.
- Lithium batteries.
- Articles that require cold chain for mobilization (medicines, perishable foods)
- It is forbidden to include coins, ATM cards, bank notes, paper currency or any other bearer securities, travelers checks, platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or not, rhinestones, jewelry and other valuables.

Thereby, certain commissions must be paid as a duty via us which is for the immediate clearance of your package from custom service. For the main time refer on the "REMARKS" of your package during tracking, this is in accordance to the mode of operations in the Courier sector for precious stones delivery. You are required to follow all instructions giving to you to facilitate the release of your package from Customs.

You are required to pay the required charges listed below to the management for the immediate release of your package. Upon confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to your postal address after payment confirmation.

Outstanding Charges:

Clearance Charges:...................$400
Protocol service.....................$50


A total of $650 (Six Hundred and Fifty Dollars Only) which is approximately (33540.325 PHP) has been charge. In acknowledgement to this email, We can provide an alternative payment option or you can come to our branch office in China and remit the payment.

Note: Present your Tracking/Order number when emailing so that we can honor your emails, We are glad to be at your service.

Warms Regards,
Lisa Peleus,
Customer Care Unit,
Stanbic Delivery Company,
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answered on Nov 11, 2019 at 09:56
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Scam. Read all the threads. Nothing like this is for real.
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