Malaysia Immigration: Meaning of NTL stamp on the last page of passport

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asked on Oct 16, 2019 at 19:48
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Please help explain to me the meaning of this stamp on the last page of my passport.

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answered on Oct 16, 2019 at 23:35
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The meaning of the NTL stamp in the last page of passports under various situations can be found here:-

What sort of student visa are you applying for, what study course and at what level? And how old are you?
Where are you applying for this "student visa"? Malaysian Embassy?
How many trips you have come into Malaysia this year and for how long you have remained inside?
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answered on Oct 16, 2019 at 23:53
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How to Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is an Educational Hub (Center) in South East Asia.

There are plenty of Professional Studies available and to choose from. The living cost in Malaysia is the lowest and the fees are the most competitive in this region for International Students.

There are:
1. Public Universities (PhDs, Masters, Medical, Degrees in Engineering etc.)
2. Private Universities (Tied up with Universities from the USA, EU and AU)
3. Private Colleges which offer Professional Certifications, Diploma courses
4. Off Campus Overseas Colleges
5. Part-time Studies Masters Degrees (With Professional Work Pass but study part-time with a combo of night and week-end sessions).

Medium of instruction

1. Malaysian National Language - Malay

2. English (Both UK and US)

3. Chinese Mandarin (Private Colleges only for the purpose of Chinese Higher Education in China and/or Taiwan).

4. Islamic Studies in Arabic

How to Come to Malaysia Properly and Legally

A student has to apply through a Government vetting agency known as EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services) for a Student Visa. Link: Education Malaysia Global Services (all types of courses are available).

Once the Student Visa is approved and sent to the student, the student can enter Malaysia. 

Upon arrival inside Malaysia, the student has to apply via the college to nearest Immigration Center for a STUDENT PASS within 1 month.

A student must complete the above legal immigration procedures in order to be a legitimate student inside Malaysia.

Other Critical Notes

Those on Student Pass are not allowed to work in Malaysia, with the exception of those on Professional Degrees with tied up Internship with MNCs ( Multi National Corporations) who can work for a maximum of 6 month (no need work permits).

Those on Professional Degrees are only allowed part-time work (restricted number of hours per day and number of days per week) during long semester breaks.

All under student pass must leave Malaysia upon completion of the studies and the student pass MUST be cancelled by the college. This is a legal requirement to be able to come back into Malaysia as a tourist or look for employment in the future.
My advice is to come 1 month into Malaysia and visit the college of your choice, look for other International students from your country, discuss with them, visit the quality of the campus and student hostel accommodation available. Then only make application to EMGS while here, then go back to your country and wait for the Student Visa to be sent to you to come into Malaysia to make the final critical Student Pass (inside Malaysia). Your college will arrange for the application.

DO NOT GO FOR THE CHEAPEST COLLEGE. Quality Education is most important.

Sample picture of cancelled Student's Pass upon completion of studies:

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answered on Oct 17, 2019 at 02:35
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Thank you for your quick response. I went to Malaysia on the 28 July to find a suitable institution for my studies but I did not meet their English requirement thus I have to get an English language certificate from an institution, so I applied for a language school so I can have the required English qualification for further studies.

I exited Malaysia on 23 August on a flight to Myanmar, where I got into problem of religion and they couldn't let me in so I flew back to KLIA1 and tried to enter Malaysia again but I only had enough money on my visa card but not enough cash in hand so I was refused entry and given that stamp on my passport. I'm 26 years now.

I just want to know when I get my student approval will they allow me entry and will I have the student visa with that stamp on my passport?

Thank you.
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answered on Oct 17, 2019 at 10:17
edited Mar 1, 2020 at 23:18

I just want to know when I get my student approval will they allow me entry
The main purpose of the NTL stamp on the Last page is to make sure you have done the process for the application correctly in order to come inside Malaysia.

will I have the student visa with that stamp on my passport?
There is no such thingy as "student visa" stamp.

Upon approval from EMGS, a VDR memo will be send direct to you in your country for you to go to the Malaysian Embassy to apply for a SEV (Single Entry Visa) to come into Malaysia on a Visitor Pass to complete the process of the application of a Student's Pass.

An approved student pass is in the form of a "sticker" permit, pasted into the pages of your passport.

[Photo - Sample of a Single Entry Visa].
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answered on Oct 17, 2019 at 15:59
edited Feb 25, 2020 at 22:43

Thank you. I now know that this stamp will not affect the approval of my student application and the student pass for my passport.
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