Unfair warning letter from employer, threatened with termination

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Background of my case:

I have served my current employer as a product adviser (sales) for close to 20 years.

I have been getting bonus and increment without fail for all the years that I have served the company. My revenue target was increased every year without fail even though I have stopped achieving my revenue target years ago due to unrealistic target being set and constantly increased year after year. I am still being paid bonus and increment though.

Today, my company issued me a warning letter asking me to improve my sales to hit at least 75% of the sales revenue target over the next three months or risk being terminated from the job.

The only guidance and support provided were "in order to support you, you are required to update your daily sales to HQ - Ms X via WhatsApp from 1st October 2019 until further notice given, she will be there to monitor your sales performance. Please let your superior know if you need any training and further guidance at any time".

My current sales target is MYR 75,000 per month, which translates to about MYR 2,900 per day over a 26 working days month, or MYR 360 sales every hour over a 8 hours working period. The average price of our products is MYR 100 per item, meaning I have to sell over 3 items every hour to achieve the target. 

I am 56 this year and 4 years away from my mandatory retirement age as stipulated in the contract.
Is there any avenue that I can bring this matter up that I was unjustifiably served a warning letter? The company has been setting me up to fail from the beginning with the unrealistic sales target. The increase in target is unrealistic over the years and I have a feeling they just want to terminate me before my retirement age to save on cost. 

Also should I sign and acknowledge the warning letter or should I reply with an official letter stating that it is unjustifiable?
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