Parcel Scam: Valuable gifts parcel containing money and asking for clearance duty

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asked on Sep 30, 2019 at 20:04
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This real incident happened few days back...

A lady has accepted a friend request from a person Gerald Marcelo (Phone: +44 7424057131), staying and working in UK and then they started chatting on Whatsapp.

Few days later, he said he loves this lady and wanted to give some gifts. He asked for her address, phone number, etc. The lady resisted at first and refused to accept any gifts, but that person insisted upon her and sent photos of some gold jewelries, Chanel bag, perfume, wrist watch, necklace etc. He kept on sending love poems and selfie as to where he was and where he was going.

One day later, a call came saying she had to pay a clearance duty. The lady asked for the calculation of the duty to be sent to her e-mail but that person said it was just screening charges etc. that has to be paid to clear the parcel and provided her a bank account details, where the lady can pay the duty. She paid INR27K.

Thereafter, the UK person again messaged and informed her that he had put some money in the parcel, the lady was in shock. The clearance duty person again called up this lady and said she had to pay for INR85K for conversion of currency. The lady did not pay any money thereafter. But this lady wants to lodge online complaint in UK, how can she do that?
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answered on Sep 30, 2019 at 21:32
But this lady wants to lodge online complaint in UK, how can she do that.  
Read here

Complain on what?  The scammer could be anywhere other than UK. It can even be in your neighbourhood.

1.  Lodge a local police report, they will instruct her what to do next.
2.  Have ready all the evidences and correspondences.
3.  Have the details of the bank account she banked in the moneys.
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answered on Oct 2, 2019 at 15:05
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I got the same issues too. They even want to report me to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) because of money laundry if I am not paying them RM65,000 of the parcel... but does Malaysia have FBI?

Now, I am trying to scam them back. The agent's phone contact is +60 16-872 3725 and the sender's of parcel phone number is +44 7466 179536. I also got the bank account details, which is personal account too.

Account Holder: Nia Isabelle Henry
Bank: Public Bank
Account Number: 6900925616

They were using the courier company name EXPRESS DELIVERY COMPANY. Now, they are threatening me. I told them I want to lodge police report and I have asked for my friend, who works at the Malaysia Customs Department to check but they still want me to pay them RM300. I told them, I really don't have any money.

Should I block both on them on Whatsapp? ...but they already blocked me now.
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