Neighbor threaten not to park in front of his tree. Is this unlawful?

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asked on Jul 8, 2015 at 22:07
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I am seeking legal advise from you on the issued faced recently in my neighborhood, regarding my neighbor complain about my car parking in front of his tree.

I am sharing my car with my sister who's studying at a nearby university near my rented house in PJ Seksyen 14. Usually, she will use the car. I rarely use. Last week, she went to oversea for vacation, so I have to take the car with me.

Yesterday night, I went out, and when I returned, I parked my car under a tree, in between houses beside my neighbor. The car is exactly parking on the street. There are 4 lanes both going different directions in front of those houses. the way I park is exactly within the white line, because under that tree, there are big stones blocking. There is a 'notice' of 'Do not park' on the tree. The houses are in a row, there are cars parking in between those houses. Parking space is very limited. In the day, parking needs to be charged at certain rates too. Parking is not available in my house because there are currently 4 cars parking in and outside the house already.

This morning, after departed to work, I received a SMS (because I display my phone number in the car, just in case my car is really blocking someone) with the following content:

Kindly respect your neighbourhood. Do not infringed to my space. We planted that tree with a price. Your is in front of No.xx. I have Police Sergeant Major Ram's office blessing. 0193503xxx . Do not repeat this inconvenience again. TQ.
In my personal opinion, regardless the presence of the tree, I will still park there because there is not other place to park yesterday when I returned. Further, parking in between houses will not blocked anyone. It is also not logic if planting a tree nearby a street can claim the ownership of that particular area, just because it is in front of your house. Further, the location of the car is in between 2 houses, why that area belongs to one side of the house?

I left in the morning to work and have not returned home. Hopefully nothing will happen to my car.

I seek your kind advise on this issue, whether parking in between houses on the street is something that the police (Sergeant Major Ram in this case) will see it as a crime, or it is unlawful? I would like to know can i still park my car in between houses?

Due to my lack of knowledge in this field, I wish to seek your kind advise, especially from Legal Professionals.

Looking forward for your reply. Thank you.

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answered on Jul 9, 2015 at 01:32
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Tomorrow just go to the nearest legal firm (there's one near KFC) and sue that guy for:

1. Vile threats via SMS
2. Being un-neighbourly conduct i.e. bad social conduct
3. Claim "land" that does not belong to him/her
4. Infringement of your personal rights
5. If you have 5 cars under your own dwelling, that is no business of his/hers

After you have filed Writs of Summons in the Magistrate Court, do the following precautions before you start your car every morning:

1. Check if there is a 3" firecracker slotted inside the exhaust pipe
2. Check whether there is brake oil scattered all over the car
3. Claw under the car to double check whether your brakes cable have been loosen
4. Check all tyres to see if there are small stones inserted so that the tyres looses air slowly while on the move
5. Repeat the whole procedure for your sister car... just in case.

Hope this can help solve your issue.

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answered on Jul 9, 2015 at 03:53
edited Jun 12, 2016 at 14:59
Oohhhh! Trees again? Section 14?

In the 1980's S14 is a very quiet and nice neigbourhood. MPPJ encourages residents to plant tress in front of their houses. That tree could be his/hers. You could have been in diapers then. Legal squatters should leave poor old residents to live in peace.

Are you a banker? Apparently you are seeking advice from legal people with the hope of suppressing others. Bankers are oppressive.

Learn to live in peace with ALL.

Luckily lawyers do not come to this forum often as they would not be paid for their legal advice.
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answered on Jul 27, 2015 at 21:01
edited Jun 12, 2016 at 14:56
My house that I rented out in Ampang is in a Taman where everyone treats the public space in front of the house as their own private space... just everyone in the Taman. So if you want to buck the trend, be ready to have a big fight and be enemies with everyone in the street. Less stressful and cheap is to park somewhere else... the meek shall inherit the earth.

BTW: I was told parking in residential areas is under the Majlis Bandaran... I am not a lawyer. You may want to check with them.
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