Ex-wife fighting for custody after 3 years divorced

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asked on Aug 13, 2019 at 00:21
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Ex-wife tries to file for custody over kids. She had an affair and caught by me, in 2016, forcing her and her lover to agree to my terms. She refused to have kids with her then, but I managed to convince her to have the weekends since she is working and I have the full custody. Our Decree Nisi and Absolute Decree also out since 2016.

Can she win the case?
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answered on Aug 13, 2019 at 01:19
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Even if the Decree Nisi is out after 10 years, she can still file for reversed custodianship. The filing in the High Court is known asĀ  "Variation in Decree Nisi".
(Your Decree Nisi Absolute can become Decree Nisi Obsoleted).

A woman has her motherly rights to her child. Read Bi Anne's case. Her mother came back 12 years later from England to file for custodianship and to bring her back to England.

Read my case with my ex-wife who has converted to Islam and applying Islamic principles to file for full custody 4 years later.

Your ex-wife lawyer says she can win..
Your lawyer says you will win..
Who is right and who can be wrong?
You came here to get second opinion right?

Just remember, her "any affair" has no relevance to her rights to her child.

You can ask me questions in this thread.

To ask serious questions, you have to provide all the filings related to the case including the past Perintah Mahkamah (the dekri nisi). ALL child custody fights are both nasty and dirty and very, very costly. And there is no sure winner.
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answered on Aug 15, 2019 at 21:07
Can she win the case?

You are not giving us enough info to dish out advice.
It all depends on what her allegations are.
For example, she could say that you always bring sexy girls to the house in view of the kids.
Take this application seriously, you could lose your kids.
Post her Notis Permohonan and Afidavit here for more clarity.
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