Scammer offering luxury gifts and money in package delivery

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asked on Jul 8, 2019 at 10:20
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I've been doing research about scammer giving fake gift and offering money. But still I'm stuck in the situations where someone I just knew from Instagram wanted to give me special gift from abroad. This guy is from Toronto Canada, claiming the he was really a rich person. He working as a Manager Director at Atlantic Oil. We have been friends for two weeks. He has always been caring for me and keeps me updated where he was and what he was doing.

He once asked my birthday and wanted to give me a special gift from abroad. I rejected his offer because I knew about scam tricks. But then he sent me picture of receipt telling me that he already bought the gift. I was really shocked seeing all the luxuries gifts - iPhone X, gold watch wrist, handbag and 3 pairs of shoes. Then I asked him, how he knows my size. He said he looked at my Instagram picture. I really could not understand. Then he asked for my home address and full name. I told him, I didn't want those gifts. He kept telling that he wanted to show his kindness, that's all. He told me again that he has put money inside the parcel. The money amount is C$15,000 Canadian Dollar. He even sent me picture how much the Canadian Dollar is if changed to Malaysia Ringgit. I was really surprised and shocked as well. I didn't even know how to reject his offer.

I sent him my name and address. Because I was aware I didn't give him my full name. I kept doing research after knowing about this, and I was so afraid. He kept asking me whether the package had arrived. The courier service he used was Eagle Express Courier Express with Speed. He sent me a tracking number and asked me to keep track of the delivery. The package already arrived in Malaysia. And payment of local charger is about Ringgit Malaysia 2,600. I told him I couldn't pay because I didn't have enough money. He said I have a whole day to settle the payment. This issue is the latest.

I really need help on how to settle this issue.

Thank you so much.
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answered on Jul 8, 2019 at 12:17
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Well, he could be really very rich old man or a very smart and handsome scammer. Did you speak to him via video conferencing? Canadians also use Whatsapp..

Make no mistake, I'm not prejudice. I have had dinners with a Dutch, a Canadian, an American.. who have given more than USD50K to Thai ladies to establish a "home" over in Thailand. Those real and smart people came in personally and give CASH in various trips over months.

It is greed that all these scams flourishes..

Malaysia nowadays tax remittance from aboard from individuals, it is "income" to you. If he is really so rich, just take a plane for a romantic weekend for 2 nights and just give you cash and all the gifts. Are all the men in this world born losers?

All the keywords are there for you to see..

Moneys C$15k Canadian Dollars
iPhone X
Receipts of purchases (well if you can, pay me to generate a certificate of a  ROLEX that you have just bought under your name).
Pay from your side to get something out of the "air".

No further comments.. LOVE is in the air (for money and gifts or pure love)
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answered on Jul 8, 2019 at 12:49
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Thank you so much! This answer is very helpful to me.

Again that guy texted me asking about the package. I told him I couldn't make any payment. Then he said, when his mother was alive, he did send some packages to his mother using the same courier service. I told him I was afraid of scammer asking for money. "Did I ask for your money?", he said again. I searched the internet to check if this was a scam or not. Then he said just give that package to the charity. He asked me to call the customs and give the package to the charity. Then I replied, "Okay." He also asked me to send the proof if I make any call. What can I do?
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answered on Jul 8, 2019 at 15:43
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Aiyoyo.. you so free to talk to him/her again? Nothing better to do.. take a nap and clear your mind..!!

If you do not block him/her yet, send him this message:

Dear Darling..

I have sent your IP address and numbers to the Anti-Scam Agency in Malaysia.

This is the reply from the officer:-

There is no such IP address and courier agency in Canada. Tell this rotten scumbag that "retribution can go to him/her instantaneously".
After sending (make sure it is sent) then bar and ban him/her. He/she may reply more nasty than that officer..!! Then you cry..!!

By postal and courier laws, cash moneys cannot be sent. Customs will confiscate it. Easily detected via customs scanners.

By the way, you can donate it, but you have to first pay the RM2,600 in order to be the owner in order to donate it to charity..
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