I accidentally texted my ex-employers on anger. Is is a crime? Will I be sued?

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asked on Jun 5, 2019 at 12:59
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My employers found out that I went for a part-time job while still working with them. I put on a one month resignation notice a day after and they allowed me to be released in 24 hours.

Later they found out that I’ve already found a part time job and demanded me to be present to the office. I refused as they have already released me by 24th and my part time job is on the 28th. They threatened to inform the university that I am studying in as well as refusing to pay my May salary as they accused me of an immediate resign.

In anger, I texted them to address the unfairness and I couldn’t think straight that I told them that I would VIRAL the unfair treatment of the company to the social media. Is this a crime? I already apologised and sent an apology letter as they demanded it but I am still scared if this is considered a cyber crime. I sent the text message to two of my employers and one to the HR clerk as she was the one who sent me the threatening messages before.

Please do answer this as my anxiety is so serious right now. I’m scared that they have already lodged a police report regarding my message. I was angry because they accused me of an immediate resign whereas they were the ones who suggested that I leave the company in a 24 hours resignation.

By the way, in our meeting later they made me signed another resignation letter dated 29th which is still scary as my part time job started at 28th. They will not be paying for my salary after 24th anyway. My salary is still pending but I don’t mind. I just don’t want them to sue me or anything. Please do help me to clarify this. 
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answered on Jun 10, 2019 at 10:44
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@Kang Huiren

When you first enter the market workforce, they are lots of things not taught in schools or Colleges. Why take 2 jobs when you are a varsity student? I do understand that sometimes fee is a problem. All my children work daytime and study night classes as I am a very poor man, I can feel your pain.

I would VIRAL the unfair treatment of the company to the social media. Is this a crime?
It is not a crime if there are elements of truth behind the allegations.
Making threats is NOT the correct way either. You can be sued for defamation. The correct manner will be to lodge a report at the nearest Labour Department with your Company Appointment Letter for unpaid wages.

lodged a police report regarding my message.
Calm down and clamp down. Police do not take such reports nor act on such reports unless people are threatened with bodily harm. Empty threats.

They will not be paying for my salary after 24th anyway
It appears that they are aware of labour laws and would be paying for the 24 days you have worked but may only delay. So, chill down and wait..!!

The rest of your story is irrelevant to your case.
Learn things the hard way. There are 100s of more things to learn. But first, learn to tune down your anger with regards to making "threats".
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answered on Sep 4, 2019 at 09:01
1. You mentioned that they have released you. Do you have evidence of that? If so, you can rely on that as they can't turned back on their words after. Having said that, evidence becomes important - such as eyewitness who is willing to become your witness should it becomes legal matter or written evidence. 

2. What exactly did you text? If it's just to viral the unfair treatment, doubt the police would do anything unless it comes with a threat towards safety of someone. Hope this helps with your your anxiety. 

3. What kind of threatening messages did the HR send?
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