Muslim Father and Non-Muslim Mother Having A Baby Out of Wedlock

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asked on Apr 23, 2019 at 07:52
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My question here is, will it be possible to have the father's name in the birth certificate and the child's religion be left empty? 

Father's IC doesn't state he is Muslim until it is scanned, doesn't have a Muslim name on his IC either. He doesn't want me to convert because he doesn't believe in religion or forced conversion. I was born Catholic but have not been practicing for many years. We would like our child to choose which religion to adopt when it gets older, if the child wants to.

I have been doing a lot of research online regarding our predicament but there isn't any similar cases like ours being brought up. We are in a pickle now, we would like to have both our names in the birth certificate but worry the Syariah Court would take action and take our baby away if we do not have the child born Muslim. Can they do that? Even if they did, can we fight against it as we are not married? 

Opinions and actual correct answers are very much appreciated. Will need all the advice and info as possible. Cheers.
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answered on Apr 23, 2019 at 08:32
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If you want to have correct opinions and actual correct answers, go pay and get the services of a competent practising Shariah Laws Lawyer.

You cannot hope to keep a piece cake without eating it.

You should know by now how Jabatan Agama Islam would deal with such cases.

Your only choice is to convert
Register the birth of child with you as single mother.

Do not simply listen to unlawful advice. To register the name of the father, Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) will need the presence of the father and his MyKad to be scanned and sign a declaration of being a father in the absence of  a marriage certificate.
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