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This is a summary of useful topics discussed which is scattered throughout this forum.

1.  Ann Shi  -  NTL  Stamp

This is about a Malaysian Lady who was about to get married with a foreign husband when he was given a  NTL  Ban from coming into Malaysia.

2.  Matilda  -  RAI  Stamp

A Kazakhstan Citizen, 25 years old who was innocently jailed with faked stamps in her passport.

3.  Malinee  -  RAI  Stamp

A Thai National aged 22 years who was innocently jailed with faked stamps in her passport.

4.  jdutch -  NTL Stamp

A retired US Citizen who visited Malaysia too often. He came back after 1 month.

5.  Lostpacific  -  NTL  Stamp on the last page of the passport

A Singaporean who have entered Malaysia too many times.

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answered on May 24, 2019 at 18:25
NTL  =  Not  T Land

RAI  =  Refuse  All  Immigration - (any facilities).
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