Law Student Assignment: Malaysian Anti-Corruption commissioner (MACC) case studies

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I'm currently doing an assignment regarding money laundering. I did my research but couldn't find the direct answer for these few questions.

Just a brief explanation on the study case that we are working on:


Ahad a retired custom servant was misusing approved permit. He gave the permit to Lim who own a car business, all Ahad had to do was set up company in Ahad's name and open up bank account in company's name. But bank account would have Lim and his partner as signatories. Lim would put in the money into the account to buy cars from overseas. All the transaction would be in Ahad's company name, Lim couldn't use his company's name. Lim would give RM30,000 for every car he sold to Ahad. Ahad did just that, he opened a Public Bank account. Lim would take the money out of Public Bank every month and transfer it to Ahad's personal account CIMB. Ahad was caught by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption commissioner (MACC) and his accounts both personal and company were frozen.

After all trials and everything, Ahad was found guilty. 

What punishment will the MACC impose to Ahad? If he is not sentence in jail etc, and he wants to unfreeze his account right away, how can he do so? If he is, what's the treatment for the company's and his personal bank account?


Soalan Berkenaan Tindakan SPRM ke atas Pengubahan Wang Haram

Jika seseorang itu terlibat dengan aktiviti pengubahan wang haram dan akaun beliau telah dibekukan oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) iaitu akaun syarikat dan juga personal.

Apakah hukuman yang akan dijatuhkan kepada si pesalah? Adakah si pesalah boleh mengaktifkan akaun nya kembali? Dalam konteks ini akaun personal?
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