Cheated and overstaying in Malaysia. I don't want to be blacklisted.

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@jeff005, I'm Naomi from Indonesia.

My problem is my friend took away my money for my university postgraduate course and visa processing fees. It started in August 2018 when I came to KL to continue my studies for a Master degree. I took my degree in KL before. I know my friend became a campus agent so I asked him to help me register my campus things and he said the visa process should be done in 3 - 4 weeks max. After I gave him RM21k for first semester course and RM2,200 for the visa, he was so busy and could not be reached.

Later I heard news from my other friends that he went back to Indonesia with my money and I didn't know where my passport was. I was so mad at that time because I realized that I overstayed. I was so panic and asked him to give me back my passport.

All my friends did not know his whereabouts. After 5 months looking for him, he finally contacted me and tried to defend himself but I did not care. I just needed my passport in my hand. He gave my passport back through my friend because he left my passport in his apartment. So, in total, I overstayed in KL for 7 months.

I just need help here. Please give me a solution and how much I need to pay because I want to continue my study in KL. I don't want to be blacklisted by Malaysia.
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