Saudi boyfriend blacklisted for 6 months from entering Malaysia

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asked on Mar 5, 2019 at 11:36
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Basically, the university told my boyfriend who is from Saudi Arabia (originally from Yemen) to go out from Malaysia at least one week from the date given. He has a special pass, but he didn't know that when they asked him to book any ticket. What he understood was, he thought the people just told him to book a ticket for the visa/special pass (Sorry, I don't know what's that called). The ticket date has come and then my boyfriend did not go out from the country, and then the the special pass almost expired.

He came to meet the people from the university and the guy asked him to book ticket to go out from Malaysia to anywhere again. He managed to get a Chop first time but the second time he didn't manage to get the Chop. 

Yet, he tried to go to Cambodia but sadly, the Thailand Immigration didn't allow his entry for other reason.

He came back to Malaysia again and the immigration detained him one night and released him in the morning. 

There's a chop in his passport/visa on the date he went back to his country. 

And he got blacklisted 6 months from entering Malaysia.

1. Is it because he overstayed?
2. What is the problem actually?

What can I do to help my boyfriend to enter Malaysia again without waiting for 6 month? Is there any other way?

Or we have to wait until 6 month or at least a year?

Please provide me with suggestions or solutions so I can help him.
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answered on Mar 5, 2019 at 13:14
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If you want an answer from me...

Log into your user profile/ID, do a re-post and ask under this thread which focuses on BAN.

To know the meaning of "Visa" "Special Pass" read here:-
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