FAMILY LAWS (Malaysia) - Can the LTSVP (aka Spouse Visa) of an ex foreigner spouse be terminated immediately upon Divorce?

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Once MY IMI have issued a LTSVP,  no one can terminate this LTSVP, even the sponsor (Malaysian Spouse). This Visit Pass is issued to the bearer of the passport and the passport belongs to the Government of bearer's country. Only the Director General of Immigration (DGI)  of Malaysia can cancel, void or terminate this Visit Pass with very valid reasons of any infringements of immigration laws. Examples, working in "prohibited services", working without informing the DGI, did not renew on time,  and participation in "illegal activities".  A Divorce is not good grounds for the termination of of a LTSVP (Long Term Social Visit Pass - with Multiple Entry).

A LTSVP  with validity date of 5 years can be issued to a foreign spouse, especially to a foreign parent with children. Normally for foreign fathers, they would be in gainful employment, contributing towards the living expenses of the child(ren). How can their their LTSVP be terminated with immediate effect? In fact, this type of LTSVP can be converted into VPTE  (Visit Pass Temporary Employment) when it expires provided he/she can find a valid employer to give them gainful employment. Child Laws are in place as not to deprived a child of having reasonable access to their foreigner parent when there is an ongoing divorce proceedings or have divorced.

For those non-working foreigner parent (usually mothers), there are other legal venues to continue their presence inside Malaysia. This would be discussed further in other related topics. 

This LTSVP  can only expire with time. For Divorced couple, the Malaysian spouse have to inform MY IMI by submission of the Dekri Nisi.  Upon expiry of the LTSVP, there can be no more renewal and the sponsor (ex-spouse) can then reclaim the Deposit Given.
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