Forced to take annual leave and do work outside of job description

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I am working as a preschool teacher. I have two questions to ask for a clarification.

1) We are entitle to 14 days of annual leave. We are forced to take 8 days of annual leaves as during school closure for two weeks which is 1 week for Chinese New Year  (Deduct 4 days of our annual leave) and year end closure (deduct 4 days of our annual leave).

We are only left with 6 days of annual leave to be taken in a year. Our employer suddenly puts in rules that UNPAID LEAVES are not encouraged. Does our employer has the right to force us to take our annual leave when it is never written in our offer letter regarding this?

2) Do we, teachers have rights to say "no" when our employer gives us unrelated work other than our job-scope?

Our boss from time to time takes advantage of us by giving us to do interior works such as painting wall, sticking some wall wallpaper without any specific pay. The reason is our boss does not need to pay a contractor to do these work. It is very exhausting since painting the wall is not an easy job and it is not withing our job-scope.
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