Misdiagnosed by Skin Specialist - Rxxxxx Sxxxx

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by   ranjit_patient
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I was misdiagnosed by the famous skin specialist Rxxxxx Sxxxx in 2010, I went to Members of Parliament (MP) of Kelana Jaya who then issued a letter of invitation to him but he dare dare ignored, now I have engaged a lawyer whom has issued him a Notice of Demand.

The Notice of Demand reads:

Re: Notice of Demand ~my name~
We act for ~my name~

We are instructed that 12 Dec 2009, our client visited your clinic and she was diagnosed with Eczema.  On 20 October 2010 you gave her a topical steroids injection to her left hand.  A month later her condition become worse.

One 22 Dec 2010, our client visited Sunway Medical Centre and her skin biopsy confirmed Psoriasis which is know to be exacerbated by oral steroids.

Our client suffered chronic skin disease namely psoriasis causing itchy and painful scaly red large rash all over the body. This affected her joints as well and caused difficulty in her work and she needed to take time off from her work frequently.

As a result from that, our client is:-
(a) diagnosed to have depression;
(b) Lost her work due to her condition of red large rash over the body;
(c) Gained weight rapidly (almost 20kg in a year) due to oral steroids;
(d) spent money seeing psychiatrists; and
(e) spent about RM60,000 at a slimming centre.

We are further instructed that negotiations were held to resolve amicably the issue of misdiagnosed out of court at the office of YB ~ without success.

We have been instructed by our client to demand from you, which we herebydo, the medical expenses spend by our client and also lost of job.

Kindly revert to us within 14 days hereof failing which we have firm instructions to seek legal redress in court.

We solicit an early reply.

Yours faithfully,
Kxxxxxx & Co.

c.c. Client
I will post the reply from Rxxxxx Sxxxx's lawyer later, which basically denied all claims.

Anyone here know any good Medical Negligence lawyer? And anyone here had an experience of suing a specialist?
Before I post the reply from Rxxxxx Sxxxx's lawyer (which is quite long), I am just wondering, can the defendant's lawyer obtain my medical record without my consent?
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