Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

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asked on Jul 20, 2014 at 19:07
There are obviously a few organisation that issue certificate / diploma and conducting seminars in dispute resolution and arbitration. I only aware a few e.g. KLRCA, MIArb, CIArb. What I want to ask ...well...there are many questions. They are as follows:

1. In order to handle dispute resolution / arbitration, do we really need the paper qualification from one of the organisation mentioned above (e.g. KLRCA, MIArb, CIArb)

2. Is the certification from KLRCA, MIArb, CIArb (or any other related bodies) recognized by the Malaysian government and the private sector? (I ask this because I have seen many articles on dispute resolution / arbitration but jobs that are specifically related to dispute resolution / arbitration for non-professional are virtually nil (unless it uses another name / title that I am not familiar with - sorry people, I am new to these, some of the question is kind of newbies question....but have to start with somewhere...)

3. If yes, does dispute resolution / arbitration are reserved or limits to professional (e.g. doctors, engineers, lawyers) only? (Why I ask? cause I seen many lawyers involve in it but have not seen non-professional / companies managed by non-professional).

4. Although dispute resolution / arbitration and the legal profession are intertwined, shouldn't there be a sort of separation from each other?

5. If dispute resolution / arbitration can be managed by a non-professional, could you list down a few Malaysian companies (other than by law firms, lawyers or other professionals) that involves in it.

Note: "non-professional" - I know I have been using this phrase numerous times above, but I couldn't find a better word; so bear with me. Why I ask about "non-professional"? Good example is by telling a story in an attempt to explain it.....To be an auctioneer, one do not need to be a professionals such as a lawyer. In the event it does limit the entry requirements to professionals (maybe in the near future), then the non-professional (including existing ones will be made redundant unless they satisfied the necessary new criteria / req).
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