Airline canceled my parents flight without notification which negatively impacts me. Can I sue the airline for exemplary damages?

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asked on Jul 9, 2014 at 00:27
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I have a booking confirmation from 'Airlines' company. The amount for the bookings was RM500. It happened in August 2013, the 'Airlines' company then canceled the flight to and from the destination. I booked for my parents, and realizing that the outbound flight is cancelled before the flying date. The 'Airlines' company did not inform us about this change of plan. I only found out that the route is no longer available after doing so google and call their number just to find out the status of the flight.

From the communication, the telemanager request us to reroute to another destination where it is not possible, because I bought the ticket for my parents, and the purpose is to go back to their hometown in Sarawak.

I then request for a refund and after multiple communication with their telemanager, the refund is pending its payment. And I believe, they do not have system for customer claim. When I call them using the line provided. They keep asking us to register a data to register in their registry before proceed with claim. I have made multiple call and multiple data has been taken. Yet at the end of the line, the claim will be bank-in to my account in 60-90 days. It has been almost a year since the first request for refund.

I need help on this as this company does not only impact me. There is another user affected by this.I believe law of tort should be apply here or exemplary damages?  Saman teladan or pengajaran? I need to know the procedure and legal costs. I will gather everyone who is affected to stand up for this type of claims.
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