Hotel sold to a new company. Will we lose our benefit and compensation?

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I was employed by one of the director in a mother company called WB Corporation Sdn Bhd and working based at a hotel in Ipoh, Perak called Heritage Hotel, Ipoh / Ipoh Heritage Sdn Bhd since Nov'2004 and getting confirmation of employment on February 2005.

I had been transferred and promoted from the HQ (WB Corporation Sdn Bhd) to Ipoh Heritage Sdn Bhd in August 2008 after HQ being closed down but the employment contract remain unchanged as previous HQ as a permanent employee but without letter of company transfer. I got a promotion on April 2011 in the company from IS Officer to System Administrator and also working for both hotels located at Ipoh & Cameron Highlands as Head of MIS Department.

Now Ipoh Heritage Sdn Bhd has been sold out to a development company (a listed board company). My boss told me the new company won't sack us after taking over it without saying in details about the new employment status but have agreed with increasing our service point as an increment before taking over.

In this case, should I sign resignation letter given by Ipoh Heritage Sdn Bhd and resign the new company's employment contract when requested by them?

I wonder if Ipoh Heritage Sdn Bhd should pay us compensation instead of just selling us to new company. I am actually have been working more than 13 years since joining the mother company and almost 8 years in Ipoh Heritage Sdn Bhd.

The new company may sack us anytime while they are doing hotel renovation for the whole building and if we sign or agree with current old company request we afraid of loosing all our benefit and compensation.

Your expertise and advice to the above question are deeply appreciated.

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