Child born from an affair with married man. We were separated. Can I get financial support from this man?

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asked on Jun 19, 2018 at 00:35
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I am Philippine woman, me and my partner, a Malaysian, got a baby last 2014. We were not married because he is still married to her first wife but they are separated already, then we got a son. He acknowledges this young boy to be his son. Of course, he signed the birth certificate and so whatever, now I just want to ask because I don't know if this boy already registered in Malaysian, because when I gave birth I brought the birth certificate to the Philippine Embassy in Malaysia to confirm this matter. I just want to know if there is automatic register in Malaysian Embassy? Because I want to file a case to get more financial support from this father for my son. He is only giving support RM800 per month. My son needs to go to school etc. I can't afford to support my son on my own.
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answered on Jun 19, 2018 at 09:41
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The above post have been answered via the first post here ..

if there is automatic register in Malaysian Embassy?
Not automatic. Both parents must be present and submit personal docs in order to register. Malaysian Embassy will reject this application to register as this Father is still married to another woman.

Because this father is only giving support RM800 per month. 
The moment any lawsuit is initiated, you may just get RM00.00 per month and bear all Lawyers and Court Fees. Child support is best negotiated and rarely initiated in a court for Foreign Illegitimate Child.
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