What can I do? Medical mishap at the government clinic.

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Yesterday, on 11th of June 2018, I went to Klinik Kesihatan for insertion of IUCD (type of contraception). Suddenly, something goes wrong with the insertion. So, the clinic refer me to the Hospital. Retrieval through vagina was unsuccessful, and heteroscopy (camera insertion) could not find the device. So they do x-ray on me and found the IUD had penetrated my cervix and into my abdomen cavity.

I am planning to sue the clinic for all my troubles and pain. 

My idea:

It was supposed to be a simple procedure. Due to the mistake during insertion, now I have to go through fully sedated  operation which is very risky for me. Anything wrong with the operation could be resulting in permanent damage or fatality.

I was not given an acknowledgement of the risk of the procedure. No scan was done in prior of the procedure and somehow the doctor still continue and resulting in this mishap. I even asked if the doctor is aware of my retroverted uterus condition and she said she knows.

My loss:
- I have become very depressed from all this.
- I have to take unnecessary medical leaves due to this.
- I have to take pain relieving medication due to 4 painful attempts of the device retrieval through my vagina. 

I need legal advise of what can I do about this. Thank you in advance.
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