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asked on Jun 12, 2018 at 06:00
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I have been in Malaysia since September 2017 on a UK passport. I have re-entered 3 times (have not been back to the UK since). All three times I have spent around 7 days outside of Malaysia before returning. I work full-time online, but I am looking to settle in Malaysia. My latest 90 day visa-free stay comes to an end in around 10 days and I have a flight booked to Thailand for this Thursday. I felt my last entry was a little risky, so I'm very worried that I will be denied entry upon my next attempt, as I have heard visa runs are getting cracked down on. 

Very recently I have become engaged to my girlfriend, who is a Malaysian citizen. However as there is no time to finalise the marriage before I leave, I was hoping to do it my next stay in Malaysia. She is non-Muslim so the process should be easy to do within 90 days. 

I have a few questions that I would love to hear feedback on:

1) Would it be likely that I will get a NTL if I arrive back after a short stay in Thailand? 
2) Would having a booked flight back to the UK help at all?
3) Would being honest with the immigration officer about my intent to marry help or hurt my chances of getting in? Might it be helpful if I prepare documents for the registration of marriage to show immigration?

I know there might not be exact answers to these questions, but any sort of help or advice would be very very much appreciated. I do understand that I have not been smart staying in Malaysia so long without a proper visa, but I am looking very much to making here my home. 

Thank you!
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answered on Jun 12, 2018 at 09:45
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Personal opinions to the above:

1.  It is still a visa run. You stay 90 days in Malaysia but 10 days in Thailand. Obvious.

2.  No help. Bookings can be cancelled. Only a direct flight back to UK "may" help. But still the chances upon return may still warrant a NTL..(Back from UK)

3. Even you show a Marriage Certificate, they may just give you 30 days Social Visit Pass.
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answered on Jun 12, 2018 at 09:50

Your situation is different from the above cases.
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