2005/6/7 ISP unpay Bill only Chase Now at 2014?

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asked on Feb 13, 2014 at 01:29
Hi! wondering how to deal with this situation.
At 2005/6 working in a company, due to last minute internet req, hv to sign up internet under my name (ic) but billing add that company. Left that company end 2006.

Feb 2014, received some calls said they r this isp want me pay outstanding I think 2k for this company outstanding internet charges under my name (ic) n wanna summon me.

I ignore them for the fact dunno they r fraud or scam n they should hv call me 1-2 yr when there is outstanding, not now 7/8/9 years later where ppl I know all left that company already.

Should they r not fraud or scam, do I hv a good case?
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