Law Student Assignment: How to advise the parties?

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Anyone please help me. This is one of my assignment.

Susan and two of her children were shopping at the Best La Mart. After about an hour and a half, they went to a counter and paid for their purchases. As Susan and her children were leaving the store, two Best La Mart employees told Susan that the children were not allowed in the store because they had been caught stealing on a prior occasion. Best La Mart's employees had said they were calling the police, but actually called a store security officer to identify the earlier shoplifter. Eventually, the security officer arrived at the store and informed the employees that neither of the children was the shoplifter. Throughout the incident she was not allowed to leave. Susan felt humiliated by the whole incident since she and her children were made to stand by the cart with the employees while other customers looked at them. Susan wants to claim false imprisonment against Best La Mart. 

Advise the parties. 
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